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  • Results from Game Design Challenge: 15 Disks

    - staff

  • Anthony Trentadue, Student at Tribeca Flashpoint Academy

    Bank Hesit: You are a giant rat and you run around gnawing at the robbers bags as they leave the bank to drop money. The Quicker you gnaw through, the more money you get, the more points you get. Time based.

    Paper Air: You control a paper air plane, using the arrow keys, you fly the plane over obstacles outside, getting points for how long you stay in the air. If you ride wind streams you gain bonus points.

    RollerCop: You are a cop on rollerblades wearing a teal and magenta jumpsuit. Your mission is to stop the boardwalk baddies by catching up to them and handcuffing hem. Watch out for their toy jacks they throw out to try to trip you up.

    Johhny Digs Graves: Johnny Digs Graves is similar to dig dug in where you are trapped underground but a plethora of ghosts attempt to haunt you and lay you to your grave. Escaping baddies and zapping them with your electric lantern yields points.

    Balancing Act: A family of tightrope walkers are on a tightrope across two buildings. The player must balance them across numerous high-rises. Points are based on time and how upright you keep the family.

    Burnt Leaves: You are a neighborhood menace kid running around setting fire to leaves left on unsuspecting neighbors front lawns. The more stacks you burn the more points you get. Watch out for old ladies and cars.

    (Fence)ing: You are the best "fencer" around. Choose your favorite fence (picket, chain link, steel) and dual against 10 computer players or a friend in this ultimate fighting challenge.

    Assembly Line: The player is in a WWII tank factory and they must repair the tanks before their parts fall off the conveyor belts! Similar to beer tapper, the player will run in between rows and collect parts to assemble to the tanks.

    Dragon's Den: The player must explore five dungeons where evil creatures roam. Solving five intricate puzzles, will they be able to escape the dragon's den?

    Racevil: Race in the world's most evil car exhibition. Destroy enemy cars with blades that pop out of the side of your car, bump them off terrain and make sure you hit the checkpoints to get the best time.

    Ed's head: Ed has an oversized head, he is also running down a hill, keep Ed's head balanced so he doesn't go flying forward or scrape his head against the hill. Jumping over little kids and sticks on the hill yields bonus points.

    Blacksmithy: Craft the most precious weapons in blacksmithy. Hitting the sweet spot on the bar yields bonus points and shortens the time it will take to finish a certain weapon. Play against a friend to see who can make the most impressive swords.

    Gazelle Flesh: Play as a hungry lion in the plains of Africa. Hunting Gazelles is a difficult task but the lion needs to eat! Keep the lion's food bar in green as long as possible to gain the most points. Watch out for the dreaded giant hippo that eats lions!

    Stamp-o-rama: Stamp as fast you can all the divorce papers, the quicker you stamp the more divorces are finalized.

    Relaxation Domination: Pop this disk in for some relaxation after a hard day of floppy disk game playing. It is a screensaver of a delicious cinnamon roll with 16 bit classical music. Enjoy your spoils, you've earned them.


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