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  • Results from Game Design Challenge: 15 Disks

    - staff

  • Andrew Putra Jaya, Student at Binus International University

    1. Newton Quest
    During the end of the year, Newton goes on vacation to Theme park. After playing around for an hour, he takes a rest under a big tree. Suddenly, a strong wind comes, and a huge amount of apples are falling. The mission is to survive from falling apples by moving around until you are safe.

    2. Nego
    A billionaire comes to you and gives you a sack of money. You have to debate with him in order to get all of the money or else he will take all of your wealth. The game is all about conversation, you have to really convince the billionaire.

    3. Network Puzzle
    Create a network topology (using computer, server, cable, router, and the other netwoking devices) to achieve score. It has to be correct all the time or the score will be decreased. The elements of network will increase and be more complex in higher level.

    4. Nicety Reflection
    You are a stickman who venture on to escape from mirror world. There will be many obstacles which are not visible, but you can see it in the mirror below you. The perspective is 2D horizontal scroll with a division of world horizontally, the real world is on the top, and the bottom is the mirror.

    5. Neptune Particles
    A genius astrologer, Smith Vandrestone devised an incident in the galaxy precisely in Neptune. He recruits you, a commander of sniper to eliminate Neptune for a period of time unless it will collide with earth. You are given a laser to destroy Neptune into particles and destroy the friction of particles until they are really disappeared.

    6. Nest of Liberty
    Green bird is almost extinct, only several of them are survive and they wants to go home. However, it is very dangerous to reach home by flying because there are so many hunters who hunt green bird. So, they are working together and use catapult to send them flying rapidly to the Nest of Liberty. The objective is to direct and to shoot green bird so that all of them can safely arrive at home.

    7. Narrow Vision
    A group of mafia will do a transaction in nine different places. FBI hires you, a genius sniper ex-assassin who has an accuracy of 97.8% in sniping, 2nd rank in the world. The objective is to abort all of the transaction by shooting the evidence without killing someone.

    8. Name it!
    In your dream, you are alone in the world and you have amnesia. You totally forget about everything in this world. God leaves a message for you to remember the name of everything. The mission is to name it properly within a given time.

    9. Nimble Fish
    Alloy, a clown fish begins his adventure in the sea of nightmare. Alloy with his escape ability potentially reach final boss and kill him with bubble booster. The objectives are to prevent the obstacles and to reach end line as fast as possible.

    10.Next Room
    Your birthday present this year is video recorder. When you test it, suddenly you can see a ghost through the video, and you are planned to make a documentary horror video. The mission is to capture as many ghost as possible, but be careful if your parents notice then they will sell the video recorder.

    11. Notorious
    Sam is a notorious man, he was a kidnapper. But now, he wants to return to the way of truth. No one trusts in him. So he does an adventure to help anyone that needs help. The objective is to gain a high trust power by helping people around you.

    12. Near The River
    Player plays as fisherman who competes against the other fishermen. The contest is to achieve as many fish as possible in a period of time. You are only allowed to use a plain hook and wooden boat.

    13. New Island

    You are a business man who just bought a new island for investment. However, you change your mind and want to make it as a theme park. Build your own theme park to achieve high rating of popularity.

    14. Nusantara
    Start the journey and collect as many rare items as possible in Nusantara. There are a huge amount wealthy of nature that you can identify. The mission is to discover things and store it to the museum.

    15. N/A
    An alien comes from outer space. The missions are to eliminate everything in the earth and to rename earth as Not Available planet. This is 2D action shooting game with horizontal scrolling background as the perspective.


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