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  • Results from Game Design Challenge: 15 Disks

    - staff

  • Ian Nancarrow, Student at Tribeca Flashpoint Academy

    Game 1: A large memory game with cards that re-shuffle themselves if you make a match. Find "bomb cards" to attack a monster that tries to kill you if you're too slow. Defeat the monster, and you'll be given a key that is saved onto your computer.

    Game 2: Successfully hit keys A, S, D, F in the randomly shown order several times to beat an opposing fighter. Defeat 5 enemies to download a key onto your computer.

    Game 3: Use 10 cubes to stack on top of each other. Stack them in a specific order so they glow all at once. Some cubes purposely glow with wrong combinations to throw you off. Find the right order and get a key.

    Game 4: Navigate through a maze of stars by jumping from star to star. Some stars are too far apart to jump though, so choose your path correctly. Reach the big star at the end and get a key.

    Game 5: Craft swords using a tetris-like grid that drops pieces composed of 5 blocks. Click and drag the falling blocks and fit them into your sword perfectly. The grid fills up though. If you let the blocks reach the top, you start over. Construct 3 swords and receive a key.

    Game 6: Press and alternate between the Left and Right arrow keys to sprint across a fantasy field. Reach the end and get a key. There is no challenge, just relax and go your own pace.

    Game 7: Pick the lock of an old treasure chest. Hold down specific keyboard buttons to unlock it and get a key.

    Game 8: Use the mouse and spacebar to eat as many hot dogs as you can in a hot dog eating contest. 1st prize is a golden key.

    Game 9: Fly a spaceship through alien-infested space! Use arrowkeys and spacebar to shoot the aliens. Kill enough and get a key!

    Game 10: Use the spacebar and keyboard to play a strange instrument. Sheet music is provided, play the song and you get a key.

    Game 11: Play in a shooting gallery under a limited time. Shoot moving targets with your mouse  to get extensions on your timer. Every successful shot earns you longer play. Play long enough and a key will appear. Shoot it to get it!

    Game 12: A blue error screen appears. Hit Alt+F4 to receive a key.

    Game 13: Play through a dungeon text adventure on your quest to get the key.

    Game 14: Perform a monotonous task of filing and stapling papers in the correct order. Make your boss happy he'll promote you with a key.

    Game 15: This game is locked with 14 keyholes. If you obtained all 14 keys in the previous game, this game will unlock itself to reveal a cute pet that you can take care of. Feed it, nurture it, love it, and play with it. If it loves you enough, it will reveal the credits and thank you for playing.


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