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  • Results from Game Design Challenge: 15 Disks

    - staff

  • Jake Gregory Coggiano, Video Game Design Major at Ohio University

    I Haz d Cheesburger:  You are a fast-food manager who's survived a horrible nuclear holocaust.  You must defend the perimeter of your restaurant from zombies who wish to steal your food.

    Fish Tasting:  You guide a deep sea diver to the bottom of the ocean.  Just make sure you don't touch the electric eels, they will kill you dead.

    Rabid Wolverine Riders:  You ride your rabid robotic wolverine through the streets of a futuristic NYC.  It's a race to the finish!  Just make sure not to touch another racer while racing, as the wolverines will eat you.

    Mustache Rodeo:  You run a world famous mustache trimming parlor.  One trims mustache hairs according to the customer specifications by trying to match the example as best you can.

    Ninja Pigs:  This is a barnyard beat-em-up of epic proportions.  The object is to make one's way through the farm in order to escape.  But, watch out for the farmer and his pitchfork wielding henchmen.

    Kitty Katnip Kapade:  One plays the part of an enraged government feline, running wild in a prison yard.  The object is to maul as many prisoners as you can in order to get a high score.

    Cacti Spreader:  You are a bird that has eaten the fruit of a fast growing breed of cactus.  You fly over the landscape and spread the seeds with your pooper in order to fence in desert predators.

    Hobo Hangover:  One inputs the correct button combinations to help a hobo keep balance and pass a sobriety test.

    King Louis' Escape:  The object is to sneak past prison guards in the French revolution and escape before your beheading the next morning.

    Viking Loan Shark:  One tries to collect from all your Viking clients before the time runs out and the Viking clients leave for battle on the high seas.

    Backyard Boxing:  This is a one on one button masher taking place in a suburban neighborhood.  One chooses weapons such as hoses or potted plants, depending on your preference for long or short range weapons.

    Laser Bears:  Play as a bear invading a camp site, navigate around and eat the food, but don't nibble at the kids!

    Don't wake the RA!:  One plays a university dorm resident running through the residence halls.  The object is to tap the run button with just the right rhythm in order to maintain the right balance between speed and noise level in order to improve one's score.

    Teleprompter Error:  The teleprompter is broken at news channel Five!   The object is to fill in the blanks on the teleprompter from a multiple choice list in order to save the station!  The most accurate answers get higher scores!

    Techy Teachers:  Try to guess the problem with your teacher's computer for extra credit!  It's a mystery, so listen to their complaints and plights carefully.  The object is to guess the problem with as few hints as possible.


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