Results from Game Design Challenge: 15 Disks

By staff [10.26.10]

 3.5 inch floppy disks. Once the predominant storage medium for games on PC platforms of the '80s and '90s, they're now decaying curiosities. There's a chance you've never even seen one in person.

These discs, at the absolute height of the technology, could hold 1.44 MB of data. Before the advent of CD-ROM, PC games shipped on stacks of these.

But many games, before then, shipped on a single disk.

What could you do with 1.44 MB of data? What kind of game would you make? More importantly, could you think of 15 games to fill the 15 disks in this stack?

Game Career Guide challenged its readers to design 15 games that would each fit on a 3.5 inch floppy disk. What follows are the best and most original entries we received. Here are our top picks.

Best Entries

Emily Greenquist, Student at Tribeca Flashpoint (see page 2)

Andrew Putra Jaya, Student at Binus International University (see page 3)

Ryan George, Game Design Student at Columbia College Chicago (see page 4)

Honorable Mentions

Warren Tang (see page 5)
Peter Dwyer, Flash Developer (see page 6)
Ian Nancarrow, Student at Tribeca Flashpoint (see page 7)
Andrew Wagoner, Student at Tribeca Flashpoint (see page 8)
Jake Gregory Coggiano, Video Game Design Major at Ohio University (see page 9)
Sam Sandoval, Student at Tribeca Flashpoint  (see page 10)
Anthony Trentadue, Student at Tribeca Flashpoint (see page 11)

Emily Greenquist, Student at Tribeca Flashpoint

The following are whimsical games for women, focusing on deeply odd conceptual delights. 

1) "Hamburger Walk Off" - the player dresses hamburgers with the usual toppings (lettuce, onions, tomato), in addition to human-like accoutrements (feather boa, dew rag, A-line skirt).  While walking the fashion runway, points (and extra outfit pieces) are received by accurately repeating movements and poses.   

2) "Mullet Manners" - (similar to the card game Memory) at a cocktail party, the player prompts people to turnaround by tapping on their shoulders, thus getting a full look at their mullets.  Finding a set of twins, prompts them to move into the next room (example: the dining room for dinner); tapping on someone's shoulder more than three times results in them being insulted and leaving the party.  Rounds increase in difficulty, with the last being a series of dripping wet mullets in the swimming pool. 

3) "Jungle Freefall" - an uptight ornithologist (scientist bird watcher) is perched atop the tallest tree in the Amazon rainforest, taking photographs of a harpy eagle.  The branch breaks and she must awkwardly fall from large leaf to large leaf.  Navigate her downward path without disturbing any of the wildlife, and she will receive her own T.V. show, honoring her epic (and secretly recorded) journey down to the forest floor. 

4) "Roof Ballroom Bounce" - in an ornate building, prom attendees play roofball with a beach ball and the top covering of a casino-themed spiked fruit punch bowl booth. 

5) "Tuesday" - the player attempts to wow a crowd during a karaoke session in time for her husband to get home from his daily power jog.  Gameplay consists of quickly guessing the correct odd lyrics to 80s songs (ranging from classics to the obscure). 

6) "Teddy Bear Date Night" - in a text adventure, a woman makes the best of another lonely night by taking her favorite teddy bear out for a date - navigate the city, avoid traffic, arrive at reservations on time, do not get caught throwing popcorn at the movies.  If the player successfully avoids getting arrested by midnight, she meets her dream date at the local park, while splashing in the soap bubble filled fountain. 

7) "The Ransacking of Mrs. Margaret's Tea Pots" - as an 8 year old girl, the player sneaks into a supposed haunted house on a dare, and must find a lost toy in one of the many hidden ceramic teapots. 

8) "30 and Surly" - (likened to King Kong), atop the Sears Tower, a husky woman must swat away helicopters that attempt to bomb her with fashion magazines, makeup, and diet pills.  A special attack includes a deafening yell heard as a series of bleeped words and causes all nearby foes to cover their bleeding ears and temporarily retreat. 

9) "Marmalade Cat" - the player is a mischievous cat that snuck into the pantry and is covered in marmalade.  The player rolls around, licking off jelly and pawing off other kitchen items that stick to the gooey body.    

10) "Rescue the Prince" - a female mechanic climbs a clock tower, fixing motorized puzzles in order to save her opera singer boyfriend, who is caught in the hands of the clock. 

11) "The Commute" - a business woman (meticulously dressed to impress) races to get to work on time by "borrowing" a crying neighborhood kid's Big Wheel.  Damage from uprooted squires, sprinklers, and bullies rolling around in laughter result in appearance changes - disheveled hair, ripped skirt, missing teeth, etc.  The less professional the player looks at the end of the level dictates the success of her shareholder meeting.  Successful meetings provide more money for more protection during the commute - hairspray, clear nail polish for nylon rips, etc. 

12) "Bastet's Rescue Run"- as a mother lioness in ancient Egypt, the player participates in gauntlet mazes for the amusement of Egyptian royalty.  With her cub safely hanging from Bastet's mouth, gameplay consists of deftly navigating a constructed maze while avoiding spears, pitfalls, and cage traps. 

13) "Patchwork Path" - as a Choose your Own Adventure variation, the player navigates a story via her great-grandmother's crazy quilt.  Beginning with a specific patch that shows the player's great-grandmother as a stylish teenager in the 1920's, the player then chooses her great-grandmother's story path by selecting one of the patches touching the first - will she stay home to help her mother with the laundry or slip out to the local speakeasy?  Each choice results in additional story path options, until the player reaches the other side of the quilt.  Will her grandmother's true love be her future husband, or has she been pining over a secret love for decades and will she shower her descendants with riches or infamy? 

14) "100% Legit" - at a Slick Rick concert in 1996, the player talks to audience members, asking them questions about how to get back stage.  Some are lying and some will help you if you help them.  Do you have the "skills to pay the bills" and get backstage to the after paper of your life? 

15) "How the PTA was Won" - a heated debate over a potential change in school mascot (from Herby the Hamster to Gilda the Guinea Pig), causes a bevy of soccer moms to unabashedly throw things at each other.  Like a grown-up and completely uncivilized snow fight, the player must throw anything at their disposal (cookies, trumpets, children), while avoiding the same from the other side.  The winning side gets their picture taken with the preferred mascot and their extremely embarrassed child.  

Andrew Putra Jaya, Student at Binus International University

1. Newton Quest
During the end of the year, Newton goes on vacation to Theme park. After playing around for an hour, he takes a rest under a big tree. Suddenly, a strong wind comes, and a huge amount of apples are falling. The mission is to survive from falling apples by moving around until you are safe.

2. Nego
A billionaire comes to you and gives you a sack of money. You have to debate with him in order to get all of the money or else he will take all of your wealth. The game is all about conversation, you have to really convince the billionaire.

3. Network Puzzle
Create a network topology (using computer, server, cable, router, and the other netwoking devices) to achieve score. It has to be correct all the time or the score will be decreased. The elements of network will increase and be more complex in higher level.

4. Nicety Reflection
You are a stickman who venture on to escape from mirror world. There will be many obstacles which are not visible, but you can see it in the mirror below you. The perspective is 2D horizontal scroll with a division of world horizontally, the real world is on the top, and the bottom is the mirror.

5. Neptune Particles
A genius astrologer, Smith Vandrestone devised an incident in the galaxy precisely in Neptune. He recruits you, a commander of sniper to eliminate Neptune for a period of time unless it will collide with earth. You are given a laser to destroy Neptune into particles and destroy the friction of particles until they are really disappeared.

6. Nest of Liberty
Green bird is almost extinct, only several of them are survive and they wants to go home. However, it is very dangerous to reach home by flying because there are so many hunters who hunt green bird. So, they are working together and use catapult to send them flying rapidly to the Nest of Liberty. The objective is to direct and to shoot green bird so that all of them can safely arrive at home.

7. Narrow Vision
A group of mafia will do a transaction in nine different places. FBI hires you, a genius sniper ex-assassin who has an accuracy of 97.8% in sniping, 2nd rank in the world. The objective is to abort all of the transaction by shooting the evidence without killing someone.

8. Name it!
In your dream, you are alone in the world and you have amnesia. You totally forget about everything in this world. God leaves a message for you to remember the name of everything. The mission is to name it properly within a given time.

9. Nimble Fish
Alloy, a clown fish begins his adventure in the sea of nightmare. Alloy with his escape ability potentially reach final boss and kill him with bubble booster. The objectives are to prevent the obstacles and to reach end line as fast as possible.

10.Next Room
Your birthday present this year is video recorder. When you test it, suddenly you can see a ghost through the video, and you are planned to make a documentary horror video. The mission is to capture as many ghost as possible, but be careful if your parents notice then they will sell the video recorder.

11. Notorious
Sam is a notorious man, he was a kidnapper. But now, he wants to return to the way of truth. No one trusts in him. So he does an adventure to help anyone that needs help. The objective is to gain a high trust power by helping people around you.

12. Near The River
Player plays as fisherman who competes against the other fishermen. The contest is to achieve as many fish as possible in a period of time. You are only allowed to use a plain hook and wooden boat.

13. New Island

You are a business man who just bought a new island for investment. However, you change your mind and want to make it as a theme park. Build your own theme park to achieve high rating of popularity.

14. Nusantara
Start the journey and collect as many rare items as possible in Nusantara. There are a huge amount wealthy of nature that you can identify. The mission is to discover things and store it to the museum.

15. N/A
An alien comes from outer space. The missions are to eliminate everything in the earth and to rename earth as Not Available planet. This is 2D action shooting game with horizontal scrolling background as the perspective.

Ryan George, Game Design Student at Columbia College Chicago

The List is a bundle of 15, small, standalone games with an underlying narrative that ties them all together.  The games follow Micah Johnson on his journey to live out all of his lifelong goals.

Gameplay- Virtual Pet
Perspective - Multiple: Top down/2D Side Scrolling/ Point & Click UI
Player Abilities - Feed puppy, Go on walks, Teach tricks
Objective - Raise and play with Butterbean the Welsh Corgi puppy!

Gameplay - Creatively build a functioning home
Perspective - top down angled
Player Abilities - Place Wood, Brick, Steel
Objective - Complete the home and gain points! Points are tallied up based off of creativity, functionality, and how resilient the home is.

Gameplay - Preform airborne tricks.  Unlock more complex tricks by beating top scores.
Perspective - Mid-Character range, Top Down
Player Abilities - Different button combinations preform different tricks.  The more complex the trick the more points it is worth.
Objective - Score the highest score in the shortest amount of time possible.

Gameplay - 2D Platformer
Perspective - 2D Side Scrolling
Player Abilities - Run, Jump, Grapple
Objective - Scale Mt Everest by beating 8 levels (each level represents a day of climbing)

Gameplay - Time sensitive, point-click adventure.
Perspective - Point-Click // First Person Static Display
Player Abilities - Navigate terrain, various click-activated actions
Objective - Save as many lives as possible after a Natural Disaster.

By Foot
Gameplay - Turn Based RPG, become "experienced" by talking and learning about people/cultures.
Perspective - Top Down
Player Abilities - Navigate the world map, Talk, Defend (against wild animals), Flee,
Objective - Players must travel from Johannesburg (S. Africa) to Moscow (Russia) on foot.

Gameplay - 2D Brawler
Perspective - 2D Side Scrolling
Player Abilities - Punch, Kick, Jump, Navigate
Objective - Players must prove they are worthy of their ninja training by fending off multiple dangerous enemies

Gameplay - First Person Boxing
Perspective - First Person
Player Abilities - Navigate gamespace, various punches
Objective - Fight your way through the Boxing ranks and take down a Heavyweight Champion.

Gameplay - Creature Creator/Puzzle
Perspective - Point-Click UI
Player Abilities - Assemble dinosaur skeletons
Objective - construct their own creature from the bones they've uncovered.

Gameplay - Narrative-heavy adventure
Perspective - Point-Click UI
Player Abilities - Communicate, Collect Clues
Objective - Unravel the terrorist plot

Gameplay - Action-Stealth
Perspective - Top Down
Player Abilities - Navigate, Knock-Out (must be behind enemy)
Objective - Infiltrate N. Korea, avoid guards and find a way to prank the "Great Leader"

Gameplay - 2D Stealth
Perspective - 2D Side Scroller
Player Abilities - Run, Jump, Step into Background (if possible)
Objective - Sneak through a famous museum and steal a priceless diamond

Extreme Hunter
Gameplay - Point-Click Action + Quick Time Events
Perspective - First Person
Player Abilities - Various abilities triggered through game QTE's
Objective - Knife fight a shark, then a bear, followed by a Lion.  All on their home turf.

Lunar Decimation
Gameplay - Tower Defense
Perspective - Top Down
Player Abilities - Deploy various defenses
Objective - Defend Micah's base until his Moon-Laser is ready to fire!

Gameplay - 2D Space Shooter
Perspective - 2D Side Scroller
Player Abilities - Shoot lasers, Navigate
Objective - Navigate Micah's vessel to the nearest black hole.

Warren Tang

One of the hallmarks of 3.25" gaming for me were the various Olympic games (incl. California[??]). Crack your knuckles and flex your wrists for new meets old.

Neo-Modern Indoor Pentakaidecathlon aka Office Olympics

The ancient Greeks set the standard for measures of athletic prowess in the Olympic Games, but we don't need to run tens of kilometres anymore, and we never actually ever had to soar over long distances on skis. Even the delineation of seasons is outdated - in the comfort of climate-controlled buildings, temperature is merely a matter of preference.

Instead, the rigours of office life demand a new type of athlete - one whose dextrous, touch-typing fingers are more valuable than bulging biceps, whose caffeine infusions are performance-enhancing but legal, and whose 100m dash is only as valuable as his ability to dodge pedestrians en route to an escaping bus.

The modern decathlon is now a misnomer- the Neo-Modern Indoor Pentakaidecathlon is built to challenge a truly modern athlete, and is composed of five areas of competition:

AREA A: Commute

EVENT #1: Rush Hour Driving Pole Position in a Ford Taurus at 2-4 mph, with little room to avoid your road-raging companions' frantic lane changes.
EVENT #2: Biking to Work It's speed vs. reaction time as you weave past non-signalling drivers, door surprises, potholes, and aggressive bike messengers.
EVENT #3: Catching the Bus An alternating-button-mashing side-scroller; the spacebar is used to leap peers who have tripped and other sidewalk hazards.  

AREA B: Typing

EVENT #4: Keyboard
A meeting's participants are spewing dialogue across the screen. Transcribe it into your laptop.
EVENT #5: SmartPhone Same meeting; no laptop. Pull out your iPhone/BB/Android/etc. Your two keen thumbs are separately controlled by the mouse and the arrow keys.
EVENT #6: iTap on Flip Phone Predictive text may be nearly gone, but so is hurling a javelin. Your iPhone is in the shop. Deal with it.

AREA C: Focusing

EVENT #7: Working From Home Read and summarize a report while clicking away the distractions - feed your newborn babe, ogle your neighbour's trophy wife doing a bikini carwash, and keep the mouse moving or you'll start to doze off and the screen will slowly go blurry and dark.
EVENT #8: Stay Awake! It's the 6th meeting of the day and your boss arrives. It's hard java time. Inside your brain, put that coffee to work by clicking on adenosine receptors to block them before the adenosine can get there. 
EVENT #9: Conquer Coffee Jitters Perform a mail merge while your mouse jitters uncontrollably.

AREA D: Feeding

EVENT #10: Lunch "Break" GTA top-down view. Find the cheapest meal for each day of the week within 15 minutes. Navigate health code violations and street closures. Learn the city, its' shortcuts, and the restaurants' daily deals to excel.
EVENT #11: Speed Eating Click to answer the phone, put out email fires, and slap away your neighbour's hungry fingers in between clicking rapidly on your sandwich to wolf it down. 
EVENT #12: Restrooms and Reputations Binge eating and coffee-reliance means frequent bathroom breaks. In this Castle Wolfenstein-style thriller, preserve your hard-working image by answering nature's call without your angry boss or nosy coworkers noticing you. 

AREA E: Downtime

EVENT #13: Water Cooler Small Talk Choose the correct dialogue responses to seem interested in your boss's dumb stories, try to understand the gossip's summary of office romances, flirt with the new temp, and try to bring a near-postal co-worker back from the edge. 
EVENT #14: Golf Lose to your boss by a polite, but not embarrassing, margin.
EVENT #15: Sleep In a dream, you must drag work thoughts out of your mind and guide fluffy sheep over the fence of slumber.

Peter Dwyer, Flash Developer, 15 Parts to a Life

The concept - 15 games themed around the life of a would be hero.

The games. Numbers represent disks

1. Peter Perfection: Inception
A themed shoot-em-up, where the player pilots a single sperm as it heads towards the egg and thus the creation of our hero Peter Perfection.

2. House of Danger.
An exploration game where we guide a baby Peter through a house in order to get to the garden. His awake meter is slowly draining so he needs to collect milk bottles to restore his energy. Also toying with a time limit idea after which the mother catches Peter and it's Game over.

3. Peter vs The Plant.
Peter (still a baby) must explore the garden and kill some weeds. Plays like a version of the old game and watch greenhouse game.

4. Peter vs The Bully.
Peter is now at school and must fight a series of school bullies to save the innocent children of Perfect Pre-School. This game is in the theme of a beat em up but, with the one hit rounds of International Karate.

5. Peter vs The Examiner.
This is a strange  quiz game where the objective is to get Peter through a board game by answering the various educational questions.

6. Peter Perfection in Grand Theft Rhino!
This one is a racing game with a zoo theme. The graphics and gameplay closely mirror those of the Amiga version of outrun. Instead of cars we have Peter on the back of various zoo animals. The player can unlock different animals based on their times to the finish line. The idea is to simply get to the end of the course, thereby rescuing the poached animal you were riding.

7. Peter vs Paiter
This is another beat em up but, in the theme of streets of rage. Peter must face off with his evil nemesis (the first time we introduce Paiter Pretention).

8. Paitinvaders
Simply space invaders with a Peter Perfection theme i.e. bullies coming down the screen while a small top down Peter fires fists upwards at them. If a bully lands the game is over.

9. Office War.
We take a break from Peter's hero life to throw him into an office. This is a castle wolfenstein style 3D game where the object is to escape from the office to have lunch, while avoiding the Boss. Weapons include staple guns, ninja style paperclips and the dreaded BFB A chalk infused board rubber that when thrown will take out everything within it's dust cloud. I'll leave you to work out what the BF part of BFB stands for.

10. Office Wars 2.
This time Peter needs to get to the meeting room to give a presentation. New additions include a simple lock picking mini game and some elevator re-wiring mini games.

11. Dream land Peter.
A text adventure with a few hi-res pictures for the key locations. The theme is that Peter has fallen asleep at his desk and you must solve the dreamland adventure in order to wake him up. Make too many mistakes in solving the puzzles and the boss will find Peter asleep and fire him!

12. Pilot Peter
Peter goes through pilot training in this pilot wings style game, where the object is to fly a plane through a series of rings, parachute onto targets and eventually unlock a free flight mode.

13. The Tomb of King Stut.
A 3D exploration game in the mould of driller. The player moves through the rooms, triggering switches and altering the tomb layout in order to stop the resurrection of the dreaded King Stut. 

14. Operation Pork
An operation Wolf style on rails shooter where peter must shoot poachers and save endangered animals. Arguably the most violent in the series.

15. Mortal Coils.
The finale of the Peter Perfection series. Peter is dead! Yea D-E-A-D. The player must guide poor peter up to heaven in a bug a boo style cloud jumping game with a simple airy tune and simple relaxing graphics of skies and clouds. The end of the game is when Peter's Soul reaches the great golden gates.

Ian Nancarrow, Student at Tribeca Flashpoint Academy

Game 1: A large memory game with cards that re-shuffle themselves if you make a match. Find "bomb cards" to attack a monster that tries to kill you if you're too slow. Defeat the monster, and you'll be given a key that is saved onto your computer.

Game 2: Successfully hit keys A, S, D, F in the randomly shown order several times to beat an opposing fighter. Defeat 5 enemies to download a key onto your computer.

Game 3: Use 10 cubes to stack on top of each other. Stack them in a specific order so they glow all at once. Some cubes purposely glow with wrong combinations to throw you off. Find the right order and get a key.

Game 4: Navigate through a maze of stars by jumping from star to star. Some stars are too far apart to jump though, so choose your path correctly. Reach the big star at the end and get a key.

Game 5: Craft swords using a tetris-like grid that drops pieces composed of 5 blocks. Click and drag the falling blocks and fit them into your sword perfectly. The grid fills up though. If you let the blocks reach the top, you start over. Construct 3 swords and receive a key.

Game 6: Press and alternate between the Left and Right arrow keys to sprint across a fantasy field. Reach the end and get a key. There is no challenge, just relax and go your own pace.

Game 7: Pick the lock of an old treasure chest. Hold down specific keyboard buttons to unlock it and get a key.

Game 8: Use the mouse and spacebar to eat as many hot dogs as you can in a hot dog eating contest. 1st prize is a golden key.

Game 9: Fly a spaceship through alien-infested space! Use arrowkeys and spacebar to shoot the aliens. Kill enough and get a key!

Game 10: Use the spacebar and keyboard to play a strange instrument. Sheet music is provided, play the song and you get a key.

Game 11: Play in a shooting gallery under a limited time. Shoot moving targets with your mouse  to get extensions on your timer. Every successful shot earns you longer play. Play long enough and a key will appear. Shoot it to get it!

Game 12: A blue error screen appears. Hit Alt+F4 to receive a key.

Game 13: Play through a dungeon text adventure on your quest to get the key.

Game 14: Perform a monotonous task of filing and stapling papers in the correct order. Make your boss happy he'll promote you with a key.

Game 15: This game is locked with 14 keyholes. If you obtained all 14 keys in the previous game, this game will unlock itself to reveal a cute pet that you can take care of. Feed it, nurture it, love it, and play with it. If it loves you enough, it will reveal the credits and thank you for playing.

Andrew Wagoner, Student at Tribeca Flashpoint Academy

Floppy disk 1- It's a stealth game where you are the Lock Ness monster. You have to come up for air and avoid being spotted by boats and tourists.

Floppy disk 2- You are a giraffe in a thunder storm. You have to avoid being getting hit by lighting by not being the tallest thing. You would be able to duck for a limited time and would have to find new trees taller than you after they get struck.

Floppy disk 3- You are a spider in a web. You have to eat small bugs and repair holes made by larger bugs.

Floppy disk 4- you are a monkey and you have to race to the top of the tree against another monkey to get to the banana.

Floppy disk 5- You are an ant eater standing over an ant hill. You have to time your tong to eat ants and avoid eating beetles.

Floppy disk 6- You are a male penguin protecting an egg. You must stand and brace against the wind and snow with button presses.

Floppy disk 7- You are a circus elephant. You must balance on a ball and avoid crushing the audience and you trainer.

Floppy disk 8- You are a baby duck. You must follow you mother's movements. You can't be too close or too far away.

Floppy disk 9- You are a sheepdog. You must herd the sheep into their pen.

Floppy disk 10- You are a rabbit working for multiple magicians. You must appear on cue from their hats. Each magician would have a different button and you would press it to appear in their hat.

Floppy disk 11- You are a cockroach on the floor. You must avoid getting stepped on and collect food.

Floppy disk 12- You are a raccoon. You must get to the trash can in the alley avoiding the dog. Then eat the food in trash and escape.

Floppy disk 13-You are a mole. You must make you tunnel system as big as you can before you are exterminated by the home owner.

Floppy disk 14- It's a game were you are a pigeon pooping on everything to get points. You have to avoid other birds and eat food to poop more.

Floppy disk 15- You are a dinosaur avoiding the meteors hitting the earth. You must run and avoid them for as long as you can.

Jake Gregory Coggiano, Video Game Design Major at Ohio University

I Haz d Cheesburger:  You are a fast-food manager who's survived a horrible nuclear holocaust.  You must defend the perimeter of your restaurant from zombies who wish to steal your food.

Fish Tasting:  You guide a deep sea diver to the bottom of the ocean.  Just make sure you don't touch the electric eels, they will kill you dead.

Rabid Wolverine Riders:  You ride your rabid robotic wolverine through the streets of a futuristic NYC.  It's a race to the finish!  Just make sure not to touch another racer while racing, as the wolverines will eat you.

Mustache Rodeo:  You run a world famous mustache trimming parlor.  One trims mustache hairs according to the customer specifications by trying to match the example as best you can.

Ninja Pigs:  This is a barnyard beat-em-up of epic proportions.  The object is to make one's way through the farm in order to escape.  But, watch out for the farmer and his pitchfork wielding henchmen.

Kitty Katnip Kapade:  One plays the part of an enraged government feline, running wild in a prison yard.  The object is to maul as many prisoners as you can in order to get a high score.

Cacti Spreader:  You are a bird that has eaten the fruit of a fast growing breed of cactus.  You fly over the landscape and spread the seeds with your pooper in order to fence in desert predators.

Hobo Hangover:  One inputs the correct button combinations to help a hobo keep balance and pass a sobriety test.

King Louis' Escape:  The object is to sneak past prison guards in the French revolution and escape before your beheading the next morning.

Viking Loan Shark:  One tries to collect from all your Viking clients before the time runs out and the Viking clients leave for battle on the high seas.

Backyard Boxing:  This is a one on one button masher taking place in a suburban neighborhood.  One chooses weapons such as hoses or potted plants, depending on your preference for long or short range weapons.

Laser Bears:  Play as a bear invading a camp site, navigate around and eat the food, but don't nibble at the kids!

Don't wake the RA!:  One plays a university dorm resident running through the residence halls.  The object is to tap the run button with just the right rhythm in order to maintain the right balance between speed and noise level in order to improve one's score.

Teleprompter Error:  The teleprompter is broken at news channel Five!   The object is to fill in the blanks on the teleprompter from a multiple choice list in order to save the station!  The most accurate answers get higher scores!

Techy Teachers:  Try to guess the problem with your teacher's computer for extra credit!  It's a mystery, so listen to their complaints and plights carefully.  The object is to guess the problem with as few hints as possible.

Sam Sandoval, Game Design Student at Tribeca Flashpoint

Home Invasion

Players find themselves waking up in the middle of the night to hear their house broken into. They will have to make constant decisions about where to go and what to do in order to find the identity of the intruder and stay alive.


A small entity of light is set on a mysterious journey to light special flowers that reveal color in the world. Each set of puzzles reveals a stained glass image that tells the story of where he came from and where he is going.

Prehistoric Rescue

By creating winds, forming terrain and herding the dinosaurs around you can ensure that the meteors kill as few dinosaurs as possible.

Death by Laughter

You've died and entered the fiery pits of hell. While your fate is irreversible, you've decided to take your revenge on Death by delivering him a painful, tickle-induced death.

Monster Maze

Players control a small child stuck in a labyrinth full of dangerous creatures. The child has to sneak around, hiding in bushes and holes in the wall as the enemy patrol around in order to find the exit.

Lou's Amazing Love Attack

Lucifer has been terrorizing the dreams of children since the beginning of man. But he's grown tired of this, and has chosen to turn a new leaf. His new goal is to travel from planet to planet bringing joy and happiness to everything he touches.

Animals Who?

Animals Who? is a trivia game intended for use in educational settings for young children. A wise owl conducts the trivia game and players are asked to point out which animals are which.

Assassin's Greed

Assume control of a stealthy assassin and sneak around town stealing everyone's riches! The more you collect, the more aware the townspeople are of your presence, and if you kill someone, you had better hope you have enough gold to pay off all of the witnesses!

Domination Station

Big guns. Manly men. A never ending blood bath. Defend the Domination Station against all sorts of enemies including other humans, monsters and cyborgs with a slew of powerful and explosive weapons!

Little Folk

Control an Oracle and lead the group of lemming-like creatures to safety using your imagination as they escape the terrible monster that hunts them!

Alien Bounce

In a distant alien planet, human colonists are invaded by aliens, and using special reflective shields, you must defeat the aliens by reflecting their own lasers back at them.


You wake up to find yourself in the far distant future, where life is nowhere to be seen. Explore the pixilated world and solve the mystery of why you are there and what happened to the Earth.

Robot Warrior

In a fantasy world where robots wield swords and shields instead of guns, Robot Warrior must defend his colony against the evil humans who wish to domesticate their race.


Controlling a giant, innocent rock giant who is being attacked by nearby human tribes, you must run away and lay down rocks behind you to block the humans without killing them.

Bubble Dragon Adventures

A bubble dragon is a rare species indeed, and being one the last of its kind, it has to fight for survival. Using a variety of special bubble attacks to fight your enemies and find a suitable bubble dragon mate which whom to repopulate the species.

Anthony Trentadue, Student at Tribeca Flashpoint Academy

Bank Hesit: You are a giant rat and you run around gnawing at the robbers bags as they leave the bank to drop money. The Quicker you gnaw through, the more money you get, the more points you get. Time based.

Paper Air: You control a paper air plane, using the arrow keys, you fly the plane over obstacles outside, getting points for how long you stay in the air. If you ride wind streams you gain bonus points.

RollerCop: You are a cop on rollerblades wearing a teal and magenta jumpsuit. Your mission is to stop the boardwalk baddies by catching up to them and handcuffing hem. Watch out for their toy jacks they throw out to try to trip you up.

Johhny Digs Graves: Johnny Digs Graves is similar to dig dug in where you are trapped underground but a plethora of ghosts attempt to haunt you and lay you to your grave. Escaping baddies and zapping them with your electric lantern yields points.

Balancing Act: A family of tightrope walkers are on a tightrope across two buildings. The player must balance them across numerous high-rises. Points are based on time and how upright you keep the family.

Burnt Leaves: You are a neighborhood menace kid running around setting fire to leaves left on unsuspecting neighbors front lawns. The more stacks you burn the more points you get. Watch out for old ladies and cars.

(Fence)ing: You are the best "fencer" around. Choose your favorite fence (picket, chain link, steel) and dual against 10 computer players or a friend in this ultimate fighting challenge.

Assembly Line: The player is in a WWII tank factory and they must repair the tanks before their parts fall off the conveyor belts! Similar to beer tapper, the player will run in between rows and collect parts to assemble to the tanks.

Dragon's Den: The player must explore five dungeons where evil creatures roam. Solving five intricate puzzles, will they be able to escape the dragon's den?

Racevil: Race in the world's most evil car exhibition. Destroy enemy cars with blades that pop out of the side of your car, bump them off terrain and make sure you hit the checkpoints to get the best time.

Ed's head: Ed has an oversized head, he is also running down a hill, keep Ed's head balanced so he doesn't go flying forward or scrape his head against the hill. Jumping over little kids and sticks on the hill yields bonus points.

Blacksmithy: Craft the most precious weapons in blacksmithy. Hitting the sweet spot on the bar yields bonus points and shortens the time it will take to finish a certain weapon. Play against a friend to see who can make the most impressive swords.

Gazelle Flesh: Play as a hungry lion in the plains of Africa. Hunting Gazelles is a difficult task but the lion needs to eat! Keep the lion's food bar in green as long as possible to gain the most points. Watch out for the dreaded giant hippo that eats lions!

Stamp-o-rama: Stamp as fast you can all the divorce papers, the quicker you stamp the more divorces are finalized.

Relaxation Domination: Pop this disk in for some relaxation after a hard day of floppy disk game playing. It is a screensaver of a delicious cinnamon roll with 16 bit classical music. Enjoy your spoils, you've earned them.

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