DirectMusic For The Masses

By Tom Hays
November 6, 1998
Vol. 2: Issue 44

Published in Game Developer Magazine, September 1998

Game Developer Magazine
DirectMusic For The Masses


DirectMusic's Innards

Segments, Tracks and Tools


The DMS Loader

Output API

Basic Playback


Composing With Producer

How Deep Do You Want To Go Today?

The Future

DirectMusic's sharp timing comes courtesy of its core layer. This layer also supports the software synthesizer and other DLS-related services. It supports buffered, time-stamped MIDI input and output, letting the system do things such as play multiple sequences with completely independent timing. Normally, DirectMusic itself sequences the MIDI data, but others can write their own sequencers and plug them into DirectMusic. All of the higher-level stuff - loading and playing files and the interactive music engine - is part of the performance layer.

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