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  • 3D Squared Teams with Metaplace for Student Design Curriculum

  • The non-profit workforce development organization 3D Squared has chosen Metaplace as the virtual world building tool for its digital workforce curriculum aimed at middle-school and high school students.

    3D Squared is currently executing the Digital Technologies & Creative Processes Initiative, a program that promotes growth of the game development and digital media industries in Louisiana. Students in the program will work with the Metaplace toolset as they build game development skills and design games that address social and economic issues in Louisiana.

    "We are excited about the possibilities of using Metaplace to help young people understand the basics of game and virtual world development in an environment that is fun and exciting," said 3D Squared president Spencer Zuzolo. "Metaplace allows a new user to rapidly learn the basics of design, art, scripting and working in a group to build collaborative environments. This is the 'first rung' of the skill ladder for the 21st century digital economy.

    "Our curriculum focuses on the core technical and collaboration skills required to work in today's advanced software development environments. At the same time, we focus young people on thinking about the core social and economic problems where they live. Metaplace will allow us to be even more effective in helping middle-school and high school students become the collaborative software developers who will shape the world of tomorrow."

    3D Squared will hold a Digital Workforce Conference on the weekend of April 17th and 18th at its Digital Media Lab in Lafayette to discuss the positive impact of the Digital Technologies & Creative Processes Initiative on Louisiana's society and economy.

    By Danny Cowan
    January 19, 2018 04:18:02 PM PST


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