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  • Scottish Government Sponsors U. of Abertay Dundee Design Competition

  • The Scottish government has awarded a grant of 60,000 to the University of Abertay Dundee's "Dare to be Digital" game design competition. The grant will cover travel and living expenses for two international development teams, both of which will work alongside an additional 13 teams of student developers at Abertay University for the duration of the contest.

    The sponsorship will bring one team of student developers from India and another from China to the "Dare to be Digital" design hothouse, located at Abertay University. The teams will assemble in a studio-like development environment, and will spend ten weeks creating video game prototypes. The results will be showcased at the Edinburgh Festival in August.

    "In supporting Dare to be Digital, the Scottish Government is recognising the innovative opportunities this exemplary programme offers," said Scotland's Culture Minister Michael Russell. "As well as giving some of our most talented young digital designers exposure to mentors in the gaming industry, we are welcoming motivated and talented people from overseas, showcasing Scotland as a great place to live, work and study."

    Previously, the Scottish government donated 3 million to Abertay University toward the creation of the UK's first Centre of Excellence for Computer Games Education.

    "The video games industry is expanding rapidly with annual growth of 11% and a projected global turnover of $46 billion," said Abertay University Director of Business Development Paul Durrant. "In the present economic climate, investment in the talent base that underpins the industry is vital and a global industry requires a globally sourced talent base so we are delighted that the Scottish Government has recognised the international dimension in this way."

    By Danny Cowan
    June 28, 2022 02:31:08 AM PST


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