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  • Faceware rolls out free, non-commercial tools for educational use

  • Middleware maker Faceware Technologies is rolling out a slew of changes to its business this week that include software updates, a new facial capture setup that doesn't require actors to wear a headcam, and a new free version of the firm's flagship facial motion capture software.

    That last bit is especially noteworthy because the company's new "Personal Learning Edition" is being made available completely free -- for individual, non-commercial use.

    This PLE package encompasses Studio versions of Faceware's Analyzer 3.0 and Retargeter 5.0 (pictured) software, and the firm is pitching it as a way for developers to freely practice their facial animation and motion-capturing skills using Faceware tech.

    Of course, they'll still have to pay to use the tech in any commercial games, though Faceware is also debuting a new pricing scheme that affords devs the option to rent access to its software for $340/month or more. 

    The company is also starting to sell new camera packages (one of which is basically a GoPro on a stand) devs can purchase and set up on their desks in order to do facial mocap without having to strap a camera to their head. For further details, devs should check out the Faceware blog.

    By Alex Wawro
    October 25, 2020 12:51:01 PM PST


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