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  • Rocket League will now be used to teach kids important life lessons

  • The long-running iD Tech series of scholastic summer camps for kids has teamed up with veteran developer Psyonix to incorporate its surprise 2015 hit Rocket League into iD Tech's educational programs.

    What's notable here is how iD Tech continues to incorporate contemporary game development success stories into its academic regimens, which aim to educate kids ages 6-18 through science, technology, engineering and math (or STEM) summer programs at notable U.S. colleges like Stanford, Yale and Princeton.

    While participating in those programs students can learn the basics of game design, coding, 3D modeling and solving engineering problems. Now, it seems the folks at iD Tech aim to incorporate Rocket League as a competitive game for iD Tech campers ages 10-12 to play, study and enjoy during formal camp competitions. 

    However, the game will also be made available to all iD Tech campers for play outside of instructional time, or during nights and weekends.

    "Our task force team unanimously chose Rocket League because it’s challenging and entertaining with that fun, eSports feel,” id Tech chief Pete Ingram-Cauchi stated in a press release announcing the deal. "Having an E-rated game is also a big selling point because it’s age appropriate and fun for all kids."

    Starting this summer Rocket League will join MinecraftDota 2Torchlight II and other games on the roster of games played and studied as part of iD Tech's STEM education programs.

    By Alex Wawro
    October 25, 2020 12:35:36 PM PST


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