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  • Genetics-themed survival game Niche is heading to schools for free

  • Stray Fawn Studio is making its genetics-themed survival game Niche free for schools who want to use it for educational purposes. 

    The developer explained it had received "quite a few" requests from teachers asking it sell bundles for use in the classroom. Rather than make educators fork out cash for the game, however, the studio instead chose to make it available free-of-charge. 

    For those unfamiliar with Niche, the turn-based strategy and simulation game asks players to shape their own species using a breeding system based on real genetics. By choosing from over 100 genes, they can shape their creature's evolution to help it combat a variety of threats including predators, climate change, and sickness. 

    "If you’re interested in getting our free educational version, reach out to us. If possible please use your schools’ email address. Let us know your name, the school where you teach and how many students are in your class," wrote Stray Fawn in a brief blog post

    "We will then reach out to you via email and send you the download link. We will also add you to our teacher newsletter and always send a heads-up when a new version of the game is released." 

    Anyone interesting in find out more about the initiative can access Stray Fawn's contact information on the studio's website.

    By Chris Kerr
    June 28, 2022 02:49:48 AM PST


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