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  • Postmortem - Starcom: Nexus [07.21.20]
  • img Indie developer Kevin Lin reflects on the early access launch of Starcom: Nexus and the journey leading up to its recent full release.
  • Postmortem: TILTit [01.30.20]
  • img First-time solo developer Mathias Berglund reflects on the successes and failures of his recently released puzzler TILTit.
  • Postmortem: Don't Give Up [12.17.19]
  • img Tristan Barona shares his experience making, polishing, and promoting his independently produced RPG Don't Give Up in the months leading up to its release.
  • Postmortem: The Painscreek Killings [11.07.19]
  • img Fery Tomi reflects on the five-year development of The Painscreek Killings, highlighting the difficulties his team faced when crafting a mystery-themed adventure game.
  • Postmortem: Ninja Dude Vs Zombies 2 [07.04.19]
  • img Eugene Utkin details the lessons his team learned from the difficulties they faced during the production of Ninja Dude Vs Zombies 2.