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  • design3 - Learn game design, app development and 3D animation

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  • design3 is the most powerful game development portal on the net. As a division of Noesis Interactive, we offer over 1,500 award-winning, streaming video tutorials that teach game design, app development and 3D animation. Our training covers the entire production pipeline featuring a variety of platforms and tools to help you master techniques and develop the skills necessary to make games.


    design3 Training Center

    The design3 Training Center features industry standard tools, including:




    Learn to make and distribute games for mobile devices like Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and for the web, PC, Mac and consoles. With our easy-to-follow video tutorials and convenient, high-definition streaming portal, you’ll have fun learning to make games anywhere, anytime.


    Aspiring designers with no experience can start with the fundamentals and work their way up. Whether you’re a 3d animation artist, a modder, or an aspiring game developer searching for professional training, expert advice and career tips – design3 is where you need to be.


    design3 Development Community

    In addition to game development training, design3 also offers an exclusive Development Community for game devs to network, create project groups, collaborate, share knowledge and distribute games.


    Student Discounts

    Currently design3’s game development portal is utilized in nearly 50 education institutions teaching over 500 students how to use professional game development tools. We offer exclusive educator support and special discounts for educational institutions and students. Please click here for more information.