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  • Musitechnic

    -- Montréal, Quebec 
  • 888 de Maisonneuve est, #440
    Montréal, Quebec H2L4S8
  • 514-521-2060
  • 514-521-5153
  • [email protected]
  • Audio production technique (Certificate/Diploma, 1 Years)
    For a position in Audio Design

  • Campus:Yes         Online: No
  • In state: 5000 Canadian Dollar (CAD) per Semester
    Out of state: 0 Canadian Dollar (CAD) per Semester
    Non-US National (Overseas Students): 5000 Canadian Dollar (CAD) per Semester
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • 150:1
  • The “Audio production techniques” is given in three trimesters over a period of 12 months. It prepares for audio work in the fields of music and audiovisual.

    Session 1:

    The first session covers all the basic theoretical and practical knowledge needed.

    Session 2:

    The second session covers the techniques and practices in the audio field.

    Session 3: 

    The third session aims to prepare students for real world audio work with projects and real world scenarios