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  • New York Film Academy

    -- New York, NY 
  • 100 E. 17th Street
    New York, NY 10003
  • 1-800-611-FILM (3456) or 212.674.4300
  • Game Design (MA/MFA, Certificate/Diploma, BFA, and AFA, 1 Years)
    For a position in Game Design

  • Campus:Yes         Online: No
  • In state: 15,000 US Dollars (USD) per Semester
    Out of state: 15,000 US Dollars (USD) per Semester
    Non-US National (Overseas Students): 15,000 US Dollars (USD) per Semester
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • The New York Film Academy provides intensive formal training for students to become creative leaders in the games industry. Students learn the fundamentals of game design (formal systems, dramatic systems, and dynamic systems), narrative structures, interface design, prototyping, playtesting, iteration, team collaboration and product launch through hands-on, intensive practice. Students also learn the language of game analysis and critique design - called Playcentric Design - and practice using this language across all courses in the program. Each semester students work in small teams in the Game Studio course to create a working game that can be distributed digitally. Custom technical assistance and support for these projects is provided by instructors and teaching assistants. At the end of the year, each student will have an online portfolio that includes two working digital games and a series of game prototypes. The New York Film Academy’s Game Design faculty include leading developers and thinkers from the games industry and the arts.