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  • Derby University - School of Computing and Mathematics

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  • Computer Games Programming (BSc, 4 Years)
    For a position in Programming / Software Engineering

    Computer Games Modelling and Animation (BA/BGA, 3 Years)
    For a position in Art / Animation

    Computer Graphics Production (MSc, 1 Years)
    For a position in Production (Producer)

  • Campus:Yes         Online: No
  • In state: 0 British Pounds Sterling (GBP) per Semester
    Out of state: 0 British Pounds Sterling (GBP) per Semester
    Non-US National (Overseas Students): 0 British Pounds Sterling (GBP) per Semester
  • Yes
  • BSc (Hons) Computer Games Programming

    Why choose this course?

    • This innovative course has been designed from scratch to ensure its content delivers the next generation of games programmers to the industry.
    • Our three high specification games labs are among the best found in academia and the envy of many games studios. 
    • The degree is taught in a studio style environment by both ex and current industry professionals.

    About the course

    Industry standard approaches are taught throughout the course which ensures that you'll be able to make an immediate impact in the career you choose. At every stage in the development of the course we've consulted with industry to ensure you develop the skills the industry needs for both games development and software engineering, so enhancing your career prospects.

    The degree begins with a broad background to the games industry, game design and the exciting developments within it. Simultaneously you'll be building exceptional software development skills and low level computational knowledge, which you'll do mainly through the development of games focused projects. The principal language of the first year is Microsoft's C#.

    In the second year the level of programming will step up as the programming language for the remainder of the degree switches to C++.

    The second and final years focus more specifically on techniques of advanced games and graphics programming.

    Your third year will be spent on work placement which our students say is very rewarding. It's an opportunity to work alongside other software professionals and see at first hand how the knowledge and skills you've learned are put in to practice. Some of our current students are on placement at Monumental Games, Kuju, Frontier Developments, Blitz Games and Sumo Digital. Our Placement Officer helps you find a position and support you throughout the placement period. 

    Find out more about the course, what you'll cover and module information.

    Your career

    You'll find there's a wide variety of opportunities for skilled games programmers, from small start-up companies to major multinational organisations. You might even want to start up your own company on graduating.

    The course will equip you for roles such as Gameplay Programmer, Tools Developer and AI Programmer.

    The solid computing and software engineering focus of the programme ensures that employability prospects for our graduates are excellent across all software development roles within the computing industry.

    You can continue your study to masters level on the MSc Computer Graphics Production.

    What our students say

    Matt Henson spent his placement year at Playgen.

    "As soon as I started I was working on three major projects, ranging from a small simulation to an educational game about nanotechnology. I've also been involved in every aspect of a game's creation including design ideas, program structure and research and development. I've learnt so much and I've now had experience of public relations, programming, art, management, very tight deadlines and advertising.

    I feel that I'm now well ahead of the competition but more importantly I've made contacts in the industry. I've been to conferences, met industry professionals and I've even had the responsibility of managing the office while my boss has been on trips around the country."


    BA (Hons) Computer Games Modelling and Animation

    Why choose this course?

    • This degree has been developed with the games industry, to ensure the content is both up to date and relevant.
    • Our teaching team includes industry professionals who will enable you to gain the right abilities to apply for a range of 3D jobs.
    • You will use Autodesk Maya, Photoshop, Mudbox and Motionbuilder along with Z Brush and as your core set of tools.
    • The School of Computing and Mathematics and the School of Art and Design have joined forces to produce computer games artists who will be both technically and creatively skilled, and useful to the industry from day one.
    • It's for you if you're keen to understand both the computer modelling, and animation aspects of games production.
    • You'll be assisted by our friendly and supportive lecturers and study in state-of-the-art School of Computing and Mathematics facilities.

    About the course

    It's a degree concentrating mainly on the production of art related assets for computer games. You will learn traditional core skills alongside industry standard practice in modelling, texturing and animation.  This will be encouraged on by using real time engines to demonstrate your work within a gaming context. As in industry, you'll use your skills collaboratively. You'll create game content in teams as well as getting the opportunity to work with programmers from the Computer games programming course

    You will get the opportunity to develop your understanding of games as a visual medium, technical theory of game art production, and the relationship between art and gameplay mechanics.

    Find out more about what you'll cover and module information.

    Your career

    The computer games industry is one of the largest and fastest growing entertainment media in the world and needs specialists with the right mix of skills.

    At the end of this programme you will be able to create and animate 3D art in a real time environment using the very latest techniques. Not only will these assets be technically relevant but will have flair and originality, making you very employable.

    What our students say

    "Because this course is run by industry professionals we learn how the games industry works, and most importantly the requirements of a 3d artist. This really prepares us for when we start applying for jobs." 

    Ali Khalil





    MSc Computer Graphics Production

    Why choose this course?

    • It's designed to meet the increasing demand for postgraduates with technical specialist skills in computer graphics.
    • You'll study in our specialist labs which offer state-of-the-art teaching and research facilities, specific to graphics industries. Each lab is equipped with graphics tablets, industry-standard software including Maya, Photoshop, and Zbrush, high end workstations with dual display monitors.
    • It’s taught by our team of experts, many who have recent industry experience.
    • We’re involved with graphics based research which ensures that our teaching remains at the forefront of computing technology.

    About the course

    MSc Computer Graphics Production is for you if you want to be involved in one of the many growing areas of computer graphics, whether it’s video games, TV, film, or visualisation. All you need to join the programme is a first degree in computing or a relevant art or design discipline.

    The course covers advanced topics which are core to computer graphics based industries. You will be able to put the knowledge and skills you gain in to practice in the development of your graphics portfolio.

    You will learn practical techniques and industry standard toolsets for the design, development and creation of 3D graphics for production, and you will develop graphics pipelines and get the opportunity to work on live projects to solve new and unique problems, relating to ever changing needs of graphics production. There is also scope within the programme for you to specialise in a particular technical area of interest or to develop a more general production focused skill set, depending on your interests.

    You will be able to develop a professional portfolio to showcase your specialist skill set and make you better placed to pursue a career in computer graphics based industries.

    Your career

    There is increasing demand in the computer graphics sector for experienced and skilled creative people. However, there is a gap between the skills of candidates and their ability to demonstrate these skills to potential employers.

    The MSc Computer Graphics Production will give you experience of industry methods and practices, and will enable you to build a strong portfolio of work that will enhance your position in the jobs market.

    What our students say

    “The masters degree is preparing me for life in the gaming industry. The programme content means I can perform effectively in any aspect of the digital entertainment industry.”

    Chukwuma Emma-Ogbangwo