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  • Simon Fraser University - School of Interactive Arts and Technology (SIAT)

    -- Surrey, British Columbia 
  • 250 -13450 102 Avenue
    Surrey, British Columbia V3T 0A3
  • 778 782 7444 or 778 782 7474
  • [email protected]
  • Undergraduate Program: Media Arts, Design & Informatics Concentrations (BA/BGA, BSc, and More info:, 4 Years)
    For a position in Game Design

    Graduate Program (MA/MFA, MSc, PhD, and More info:, 2 Years)
    For a position in Other Gaming Disciplines

  • Campus:Yes         Online: No
  • In state: 471 US Dollars (USD) per Course
    Out of state: 471 US Dollars (USD) per Course
    Non-US National (Overseas Students): 1472 US Dollars (USD) per Course
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • 24:1
  • Overview

    Welcome to the SIAT Undergrad Program.

    SIAT offers three (3) concentrations of undergraduate study: Informatics, Design and Media Arts. All share a fundamental concern with how people use technology in their lives. There is flexibility to pursue a BA or BSc Degree.

    Finding the right university is a challenge. There are many options available to you, and we hope to be your top choice. SIAT graduates stand apart for their knowledge and interpersonal skills, and are held in high regard by industry.

    Is this the right program for you?
    Within Interactive Arts and Technology, we have a wide range of programs, professors, and courses. Student life, your first year experience, your campus, and the friends you make along the way also play a huge part.

    Contact a SIAT advisor: [email protected]. Or, come visit us in person: hours, directions.

    Check out some sample careers, companies, what our alumni are up to, and view our job board. We also have an outstanding co-operative education program and career services to help you launch your future.

    You can apply online right away.


    Projects / Videos / Visuals


    video Experience life in SIAT - watch video
    PDF Download 2007 project magazine

    PDF Download 2008 project magazine

    PDF Download 2009 SIAT Survival Guide

    Student Projects

    Welcome to the SIAT Grad Program.

    MA, MSc, PhD Degrees

    SIAT's graduate program focuses on the technological change that is radically reshaping our world today. We believe that intellectual diversity and multiple perspectives are essential to address such change. Views and research traditions from design, art, the humanities, science and technology are all part of our community. We offer Master of Arts, Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy degrees. Admission to the program depends on prior academic preparation, intended focus of study, and academic research match/availability.

    In a school as diverse as ours, the way the research is done - the methodology - is an important concern. All students study research methods and design, across the program and within their own specialization.

    Computation is a driving force in technological change. All students in the program acquire knowledge of how computing works and how it affects the new designs and systems being created today.

    Master of Arts (MA)
    The Master of Arts degree focuses on humanistic and artistic traditions of inquiry. Coursework in this degree typically includes core courses in new media, computational art and design, and human cognition. Students typically choose topics requiring qualitative research methods and designs.

    Master of Science (MSc)
    The Master of Science degree is for students working within a scientific and technological area. Course work in this degree includes core courses in artificial intelligence, knowledge visualization and cognition. Methods of research include the mathematical models and quantitative methods of evaluation.

    Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)
    The PhD is awarded for a relevant and original contribution to knowledge as expressed in a dissertation. PhD students study in an area supported by SIAT's faculty and under the direction of a supervisory committee.

    Degree Completion Timelines
    SIAT Graduate students typically take 5-6 semesters to complete their MA or MSc degree, and an additional 6-8 semesters for a PhD.