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  • University of Bradford - School of Informatics

    -- Bradford, West Yorkshire 
  • Richmond Road
    Bradford, West Yorkshire BD7 1DP
  • +44 (0) 1274 235963
  • Interactive Systems and Video Games Design (BSc, 3 Years)
    For a position in Game Design

    Design for Computer Games (BA/BGA, 3 Years)
    For a position in Game Design

    Artificial Intelligence for Games (MSc )
    For a position in Programming / Software Engineering

  • Campus:Yes         Online: No
  • In state: 0 US Dollars (USD) per Semester
    Out of state: 0 US Dollars (USD) per Semester
    Non-US National (Overseas Students): 0 US Dollars (USD) per
  • Yes
  • The University of Bradford features a degree in BSc Interactive Systems and Video Games Design (ISVGD), which examines both technical and creative aspects of the design of interactive multimedia systems, giving you a clear overview of the various software technologies used in interactive systems and video games. You will work individually and collaboratively on production projects using video game development environments.

    A relatively new course is BA Design for Computer Games. The course covers a variety of topics including: Conventions of Video Games, User Interface Design, Image Creation and Manipulation, 3D Computer Modelling and Animation, Design for Interactive Systems, Sound Development and Motion Capture.

    Both the above courses are taught over three years. However, we also offer a one-year foundation year suitable for students who have not reached the requirements for admission to an undergraduate degree course. To check your eligibility for our undergraduate courses email

    MSc in Artificial Intelligence for Games is about the techniques needed to create artificial game-playing agents and non-player characters. Students will learn advanced techniques in Artificial Intelligence, and apply this knowledge in a ‘hands-on’ environment by creating a range of game-playing agents for a wide variety of games. To check your eligibility for this course email

    Tuition: For the most up to date information visit:

    Financial Aid Available: Partial scholarships may be available to non-EU students. Email for detailed information