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  • University of Wales, Newport

    -- Newport, South Wales 
  • University of Wales, Newport
    City Campus, Usk Way
    Newport, South Wales NP20 2BP
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  • Copmputer Games Design (BA/BGA, and BA (Hons), 3 Years)
    For a position in Game Design

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  • Computer Games Design - BA (Hons) 

    What Makes This Course So Special?
    Computer Games Design at Newport focuses on the creative and artistic aspects of contemporary games production building on the narrative and character development skills that are well established on our BA (Hons) Animation course. You are given access to industry standard software, and support in developing your own creative practice, technical skills and conceptual understanding essential for a career in the computer games industry.
    Course Intro
    With our belief in the significance of the independent games sector we are pioneering a new approach to computer games design. Our inventive course focuses on the creative and artistic aspects of contemporary games production and we believe it’s up to you to challenge established notions of gaming and the gamer. We emphasise your ability to think, research and experiment in combination with traditional design principles.
    Along with our staff team of internationally respected academics and practioners, the course has proven links with game industry leaders, providing guest lecturers, artists, designers and journalists for you to learn from.
    When you graduate from the course you are fully prepared as a creative practitioner who can really make a difference. Roles range from the traditional art positions of character and environment design concept to model, rigging and animation to level design and project management for computer games design.
    What you study
    We will challenge you from the very start of the course with a series of short, individual and group projects, where you will explore novel, visual and play aspects of games design. Along with gameplay sessions and to ensure that you keep your feet on the ground, there is a wide-ranging support programme of lectures, talks, seminars, weekly drawing sessions, and technical workshops. Our advanced support, masterclasses and access to professional level equipment and software, are complemented by the School’s partnership in Skillset Media Academy Wales.
    As your thinking and skills improve we push you further by exploring the key ideas that are driving the industry. Longer group-based industry focused projects are vital as you develop your own ideas, visual language, technical skills and working methods as well as meeting industry professionals and presenting your work to them.  
    In the final year we will expect you to deliver a large-scale professional production, supported by advanced workshops, seminars and tutorials. We will want to see you demonstrate your understanding of your work and its context, in your creative design and in your writing.
    Enthusiasm for the industry is essential at every stage and throughout the course, professional industry practice is mirrored in attitude and production.

    Technical Facilities
    Teaching takes place in our first class studios equipped on high performance workstations with Maya, Unity, UDK, Gamemaker and Adobe Creative Suite software.
    Where Next?
    Graduates from the course find employment in the games industry, primarily in games design, but also developing concept art, animation and level design. Our graduates have also found success in contemporary advertising, motion graphics and illustration. Some of our graduates go on to set up their own game studios. 
    Our graduates have gone on to work for companies such as Blitz Games, Codemasters, Rare, Sega, TT Games and EA Games, and have won competitive scholarships to attend game developers conferences and summer schools in the USA.
    Our students have had major success at Dare to be Digital, Game City, Global Game Jam  and in many competitions, winning BAFTA nominations and industry funding.
    Interview Required

    At the interview the Computer Games Design team will want you to demonstrate your passion for the subject area, in the discussion, your creative portfolio and in a written interview task. It is also an opportunity to ask questions and view our first class facilities.
    To ensure you have the skills to cope in the industry, we assess you through presentations, groupwork, development diaries, writing and designing your games portfolio, providing feedback as you progress.
    What Our Students Say
    “Being on the course is a completely unique experience as it focuses on the theoretical, artistic and technical aspects of being a games designer, rather than just programming.”