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  • Howest - University College West-Flanders

    -- Kortrijk, West-Flanders 
  • Graaf Karel de Goedelaan 5
    Kortrijk, West-Flanders 8500
  • +32 56 24 12 64
  • +32 56 24 12 24
  • Digital Arts & Entertainment (BSc, 3 Years)
    For a position in Art / Animation

  • Campus:Yes         Online: No
  • In state: 6596,30 Euros (EUR) per Year
    Out of state: 0 Euros (EUR) per Semester
    Non-US National (Overseas Students): 0 Euros (EUR) per Semester
  • Yes
  • University College West-Flanders (Howest) - dept. PIH offers a wide range of courses in computer science and engineering. Among those are the highly innovative Bachelor programmes in Digital Arts and Entertainment (DAE), in Multimedia and Communication Technology (MCT) and Digital Design and Media (Devine). Digital Arts and Entertainment concentrates on educating students in 3D Arts as well as in C++ programming, whereas Multimedia and Communication Technology focuses on a wider range of skills: multimedia, web development, software development and integration as well as computer hardware and networking.