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Lessons of Game Design Learned from Super Mario Maker

Josh Bycer explains how experimenting with Nintendo's DIY platformer Super Mario Maker can have an impact on how you approach game design.

125 Things I Learned While Developing Games

HKU University of the Arts Utrecht student Steven Honders offers his perspective on game development with dozens of tips for aspiring creators.

6 Quick Tips: How to Land Your First Job as a Game Developer

Attilio Carotenuto reveals how game developers can stand out in a crowded pool of applicants while pursuing a career in the games industry.

The Bridal Rhyme Creative Process

Something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue. How can this rhyme be applied to game design? Rodrigo Alem Fernandez explains.

Student Postmortem: Oxygen Summer 2015 Release

Adam Moore looks back on the development of Oxygen, a survival horror investigation game for PC created by a student team at the University of Advancing Technology.

Results from Game Design Challenge: Passive Aggression

Game Career Guide's readers treat pacifism as a core gameplay mechanic in these winning entries for our latest Game Design Challenge.

Vancouver Film School

The one-year Game Design program at Vancouver Film School covers everything students need to thrive in the game industry, from game theory to coding to portfolio production.

  • How to Handle Sprint Planning [11.19.15]
  • img Veteran producer and level designer Brian Applegate explains how game development teams can prioritize their goals by using spring planning effectively.
  • Get a job: Be a Sound Designer at Digital Extremes [11.19.15]
  • img Ontario-based Warframe developer Digital Extremes is seeking someone who can take care of "sound design for levels, A.I., weapons, U.I, cinematics, animations, marketing, and other gameplay events."
  • platinum University of Advancing Technology --Tempe, AZ 
  • University of Advancing Technology
    The only university in the nation to offer 5 game degree programs, UAT’s game development majors equip students with the knowledge of what is involved at all levels of game development—from theory and concept through programming and project production.