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Student Interview: Chambara Lead Designer Esteban Fajardo

USC student and Chambara lead designer Esteban Fajardo discusses the building blocks of game development in this revealing interview.

Emergent Meaning and Narrative in the Digital Space

The University of Southern California student Justin Bortnick reflects on the challenges game designers face in delivering compelling narratives.

Achievement Unlocked: Get it on Steam

Media Design School in Auckland student Claire Barilla recalls the collaborative effort involved in developing the minimalist puzzler Split and publishing it via Steam.

Here's How We Taught Game Design to Kids at Abertay

Guerrilla Tea developer Charles Czerkawski chronicles a memorable game design workshop produced in collaboration between the National Deaf Childrenís Society and Abertay University.

Results from Game Design Challenge: The Pen is Mightier than the Fist

Game Career Guide's readers pitch a fascinating series of non-traditional fighting games in these winning entries for our latest Game Design Challenge.

Game Design Challenge: Teaming Up

Rocket League, Splatoon, and Overwatch have ushered in a new era for team-based competitive gaming. Can you design the genre's next big hit?

Vancouver Film School

The one-year Game Design program at Vancouver Film School covers everything students need to thrive in the game industry, from game theory to coding to portfolio production.

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