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Picking the Best College for Game Development

Want to know which key factors you should research when choosing a college? Netherrealm Studios artist Becca Hallstedt explains how you can get the best degree for your money.

Writing Bad: The Challenge of Writing a Villain's Story

Want to flesh out your game's story with a believable villain? Josh Bycer presents these tips that will help you design enemies that your players will love to hate.

Postmortem: Our First Convention Booth

Gabriel Schneider reflects on his first convention booth experience, offering valuable insight for indies and student creators who want to expand their audience.

Here's How We Taught Game Design to Kids at Abertay

Guerrilla Tea developer Charles Czerkawski chronicles a memorable game design workshop produced in collaboration between the National Deaf Children’s Society and Abertay University.

Results from Game Design Challenge: Sell, Sell, Sell!

Game Career Guide's readers take on the wild world of capitalism in our latest Game Design Challenge, producing these imagination-rich winning entries.

Results from Game Design Challenge: Building a Fantasy

Game Career Guide's readers tackle the simulation genre with these creative design drafts that focus on construction and city maintenance mechanics.

Vancouver Film School

The one-year Game Design program at Vancouver Film School covers everything students need to thrive in the game industry, from game theory to coding to portfolio production.

  • How to Choose Your Game's Publisher [10.27.16]
  • img Want to take your student project to the next level? Laura Bularca explains why, when, and how you should seek out help from a publisher.
  • platinum Centre for Digital Media --Vancouver, BC 
  • Centre for Digital Media
    The Master of Digital Media is Canada’s first professional graduate program in digital media. Housed at the Centre for Digital Media in Vancouver BC, this intensive program engages students in real world projects and provides top industry connections.