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  • Developer Interview: Asher Einhorn [08.06.15]
  • img In this Q&A feature, Game Career Guide asks designer Asher Einhorn about his background, his inspirations, and the circumstances that led him to pursue game development as a career.
  • Game Design Challenge: Insect Invasion [08.04.15]
  • img Are you a fan of offbeat games like Sim Ant and Mr. Mosquito? Join our latest Game Design Challenge, where we're looking for games in which players can experience life as an insect.
  • Design 101: The Structure of Fun [07.30.15]
  • img The third entry in Dan Felder's Design 101 series takes a look at the critical event structure that drives gaming narratives and dictates gameplay pacing.
  • Design 101: Complexity vs. Depth [07.21.15]
  • img The second installment of Dan Felder's Design 101 series explains how depth differs from less desirable forms of complexity within video games.