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  • Results from Game Design Challenge: Crossing Over

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  • Max Michaud-Shields, Aspiring Game Designer, Clash of Empires: Universe in Flames

    High Concept: The greatest question ever asked ("Who would win? Star Trek or Star Wars) has just been made greater by tossing in the Battletech and Warhammer 40K universes. Ever wonder how the Enterprise would fare against a Star Destroyer, or how many battlemechs would be needed to tackle an ork Gargant? Now is your chance to find out!

    Story: A potent Warp Storm has torn an interdimensional rift in the fabric of space and time, creating a gateway between the Imperium of Man, the Inner Sphere, a galaxy far, far away, and the Alpha Quadrant. Each universe vies for supremacy and survival as old conflicts are set aside and new alliances emerge in the face of these new and incomprehensible threats.

    Genre: 4X/Simulation/FPS

    Gameplay: Players begin by selecting their universe of origin, and then the major faction within that universe. For example, a player may elect to play as the Empire within the Star Wars universe. They then proceed for a short time in a typical 4X gameplay within their universe to get a handle on their internal economies, fighting forces, and scientific assets. Within a short time, a rift opens and gives access to the other universes, while new opponents and potential allies will pour into the player's own universe in search of resources and plunder.

    Diplomacy will play a central role in ensuring the survival of the player's empire. He must be able to set aside old hostilities in order to forge strong alliances to repel the numerous and potentially far more powerful foes that the previously unknown universes contain. Discoveries derived from foreign technologies may be incorporated into the player's arsenal.

    Solid management of the entire economic chain, from resource extraction to processing, manufacture, and trade will allow the player to feed the growth required to repel the invaders and sustain his forces as they wage war.

    R&D will be essential. Not only must empires continue the research within the realm of their existing scientific knowledge, in order for an empire to understand the new threats they face they must capture and examine samples of hostile technology and biology to gain any possible advantage.

    Fleet and land RTS battles: Epic space battles can be controlled in standard RTS format.

    First Person/Simulation: Players will be able to leap in battle on planetary surface, in the air and in space. They will fight from the viewpoint of any of the soldiers, vehicles, or vessels they have deployed as part of a task force. Their individual actions could turn the tide of an otherwise un-winnable fight.

    Heroes: Each empire has heroic characters who can directly influence the outcome of any activity depending on their particular skills and capabilities. They may be wounded or killed, so their use must be carefully weighed against the risk of their loss.


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