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  • Master's Thesis: Watching Games And Playing Movies: The Influence Of Cinema On Computer Games

    - Neal McGann
  • This thesis is about cinema's influence on computer games. The thesis considers the relationship between these two media, and outlines certain outcomes of this interaction. The central idea within this thesis is that cinema has an overbearing influence on games. Moreover, a trend has emerged within game development where designers are attempting to emulate cinema to the extent where some of the uniqueness and potency of games is being lost. In an effort to create games with cinematic aesthetics, some essential qualities of games are inevitably being diminished.

    The thesis first sets out to describe the qualities that are vital in the construction of well-crafted games. It then goes onto examine the relationships between the medium of games and other media, and how game designers have reused ideas from other media in an attempt to enhance the game experience. The thesis then narrows its focus to the relationship between games and cinema, explaining why striving for the cinematic can compromise qualities that are vital to games as a medium.

    "Watching Games And Playing Movies: The Influence Of Cinema On Computer Games " by Neal McGann, Master's Thesis, 63 Pages, Word Document


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