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  • Results from Game Design Challenge: Romance

    - staff

  • Will Armstrong IV, Someone for Everyone

    Basic Concept:

    Someone for Everyone is a romance-based real-time strategy title that challenges players to pair a variety of characters together, using the abilities each couple can perform to unite other couples and solve each map. Only with careful planning will players be able to pair up every character with their ideal match.


    Players are able to take control of individuals and assign them specific actions; each character can perform a variety of basic tasks, but also possess several ‘Partnership' roles and abilities that remain locked until two characters with the same role are paired.

    Example: John has the Guardian, Scavenger and Trapper role options; when paired with Julianne (who has the Guardian, Sailor, and Jeweler roles), both characters form a single Guardian ‘unit'.

    A couple can only have a single role; John can only perform the abilities of a Guardian once paired with Julianne. Had he been paired with Cindy (who has Trapper role option), that couple would have the Trapper abilities instead.

    Partnership Abilities:

    Each Partnership ability is represented as a mini-game, and every ability functions differently.

    Example: Guardian couples are used to explore ruins and caves; when using their abilities, the gameplay switches to that of a turn-based RPG. Trapper couples have a more action-oriented style, setting traps and attempting to herd animals into them.

    Each is also designed so two players can participate if so desired, making this a fantastic game to play with a significant other.

    Forming Pairs:

    In order to pair two characters together, they must first have their pre-set desires fulfilled by their partner before they're willing to pair up. Some characters desire items (that can be found on the map or created via another couples' Partnership abilities), others to visit specific locations or structures. Many of these desires can only be met by utilizing the Partnership Abilities of other character pairs, so players will have to carefully plan which characters are matched up.

    Example: Julianne desires flowers, a trip to the museum, and a boat ride. The flowers must be found on the game map, the museum must be built (and stocked with items found by a Scavenger couple), and the boat ride requires a Sailor couple to hook up .

    Once a pair is united, they cannot be separated.

    Someone for Everyone:

    Each map is a puzzle with a pre-determined solution; the player is free to pair who he likes, but there will always be a ‘perfect solution' that has every couple perfectly matched up. Players must be careful not to pair couples too hastily.

    Example: John is trapped on an island. Players need a pair of Sailors to build a boat and ferry John to the mainland. If the player pairs Julianne (who can be a Sailor) with Dan, they will be able to rescue John, but John and Julianne will be unable to hook up, denying the player a "Perfect Pair".

    Perfect Pairings award the player with rewards usable on other maps. A perfect couple will start to shimmer when near each other, providing a valuable clue.


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