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Default Pursuing Production

After learning from many helpful people on these forums that there is more to the games industry than just art and programming, I have almost immediately become attracted to the production position.

Project management seems like a good position for me, as I am quite organized and believe I'd prefer a more discussion-based career.

I heard from many articles and sites that production really doesn't require any education besides what I'd learn from industry experience. I've also heard that QA is a good place to start, since it'll help me understand the steps that go into production, so I've started to look around already for a QA position. Mostly because I currently need a proper job since I just graduated high school, and because it'll be good experience.

I stumbled into a generalized program about game design at one of the local cegeps around me. It's a specialized course, so not like an average college course which will have me doing things like english and humanities, but it is focused around game design.

I wonder if it would be a good decision for a producer, since I'll have a brief taste of everything that goes into making a game, so it'll allow me to understand what the people are going through before saying "Oh, I need this done by tomorrow".

Would that course, along with a QA position be a good way to pursue a role in production? I'm aware production is not an entry-level job so I'll have to work my way up.

I had also considered looking at some management books, to round out my knowledge. Or find a strictly management course somewhere around where I live.
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