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Default Digipen?

Hello me again xD, i hear all the time good things about the school digipen, is it great school for game artists? or its better to go something more like vancouver film scholl for artists or guildhalld at SMU or Academy or arts university ?
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You don’t necessarily have to go to an expensive school like DigiPen to get your BA in Animation. However, it will teach you your basics to be a 3d artist such as modeling, animation, visual effects, compositing etc… This in turn will help you discover which discipline you are best at and then to specialize at that discipline. The industry does like generalists it’s good to know a little bit of everything that way if you are at a studio and you’re a modeler who understands the basics of animation you can help the animation team if necessary. If you work at a smaller studio you would do the modeling and texturing but at a larger studio you would do one or the other. Smaller studios will have more generalists and larger studios more specialists in their discipline as a general rule of thumb.
Take all your basic courses at a community college that is cheaper like your Math, English, & Humanities. Take as many 2d art courses as you can like Design, Drawing, Life Drawing, Sculpture etc… This will help you as a 3d artist and most community colleges have an art department that will have these classes. Then you can transfer to the school of your choice and it won’t cost as much and you can totally concentrate on your major. Some of these community colleges are starting to have 3d art class’s take those if you can it will give you a leg up when you go to the shool you want.
Remember it doesn’t matter where you went to school all that matters is you can do what you say you can do. This is a what can you do for me industry if you go to animation school and you’re not a good animator you won’t get the job. If you are a self taught animator and are really really good you’ll get the job. Portfolio is king not the degree; your portfolio will show them what you can do.
If you have any other questions let me know.
Lady Aurora!
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