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Hey, i think this project is very feasible and will be a blast to do. I just have a few questions.
How much experience do you have in game programming and directx/xna up to this point?
Do you have an artist?(not really important)
Do you have any experience with camera work, collision detection(possibly pixel by pixel), abstract factory design pattern, etc.

As far as a prototype being whipped up I believe it will be really easy and quick to create one, especially using XNA. Alot things(2D mostly) you can do in XNA are unbelievably easy. Especially camera manipulation. You can reference websites like and for really good tutorials.
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Thanks for the thoughts.

In regards to your questions, yes to all of them.
If you look at the stickied scrolling shooter thread you can see why :O

In regards to this game I've started out making a simple map editor to understand how this game is going to be layed out.

My initial design resolves around having multiple layers that compose different sprite segments of varying size.
(bg1,bg2,mid,mid2,foreground,foregroundstatic,UI) etc

The player will be drawn on the same depth of the first foreground layer.

I will have another map'ish data structure that will define the collision grid and/or other segments for sloped regions that the player has the ability to travel on. This part I'm not totally sure on due to the 2.5D aspect and giving the player the ability to travel vertically slightly.

Other objects that need to be collided with will simply have their own individual bounds that will be iterated upon in a second pass of collision detection after the first map part.
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