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Default Need some help.

Hi,my name is CeJay and I am in my second year of high school.
I want to go for a career in the game industry but not sure what to do. Also my mom doesn't think its a good idea and I need a back up plan. If anyone can help me with ideas for what i should do and how to convince my mom that it is a good idea.

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The best way to convince your parents that you are serious / passionate about something is to take action. Demonstrate your passion. What is it you want to do in the games industry? If you want to program, then start programming! If you want to design, then start designing! If you want to be an artist, then start creating art!
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It would help to know why your mother thinks a job in the game industry isn't a good idea. Often there is the notion that working in games isn't a "real job" and that game developers (for instance) mostly sit around playing games all day. If you read around though, you'll quickly find that working in the game industry is hard work and is as valid a career choice as any other as long as you're willing to put in the time and effort.

According to the free online GCG mag you can make a reasonable salary in the field (see page 11, Paycheck Please!). Also check out page 47 (Disciplines) to learn more about different roles you might pursue. As Adrir said, if you really want it you have to go for it... get a head start now!
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