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Default When to leave my name off of a games credits?

I'm currently a fledgling designer, who has just finished his first year of Game Design studies. For the summer, I was hired as a designer for an indie title far in development, being released on the PC and Xbox Indie. The only thing is the game is a complete mess, and I'm nor sure how much influence I can have with the IP owner. It feels like most of my suggestions to improve gameplay won't be taken or can't be taken, since all art assets have already been made and the IP owner doesn't want to hire a pixel artist to fix some sprite issues.

I don't know if I should list the title on my portfolio or even have my name included in the credits. I basically took the job for a paycheck, and to get some experience in an actual production. As of right now, I see it as a good learning experience in what not to do. So, if I cannot increase the games rating from 2 out of 5 (The first half of the game has been released.) to say 3 out of 5, should I ask to not receive official credit?
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Default Re: When to leave my name off of a games credits?

You can ask to be listed under a pseudonym instead of your real name. But be prepared with a reason for the request. Note: "because this game sucks and I'm embarrassed to be part of it" is probably the wrong spoken reply.
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Default Re: When to leave my name off of a games credits?

Well, perhaps you can really ask them to not include your name in the credits, tell them that since you are still studying, you don't want anybody else to know about your work, or maybe you should pretend to be humble and say you are not too experienced yet.
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Default Re: When to leave my name off of a games credits?

I think you should leave your name there, it's highly needed experience, it doesn't really matter if the game is bad, you're only just learning. Having mistakes and doing horrible is all apart of improving, and I'm sure any future employees will understand. I think anyone would rather someone who went through many problems, than someone who got through many projects without one single problem, it improves your problem solving ability too. And if they bring up the quality of the game, you can just tell them what you said here: You came in later in the project, and everything was pretty much unfixable at that point. Be honest and upfront about things.
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