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Originally Posted by Isaak View Post
So, what kind of conclusion can I make out of this?
Thou shalt respect the choice of thane and not yield semantics, 'lo he hath behold the bane of the arenae in thou stead!

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Originally Posted by Adrir View Post
Thou shalt respect the choice of thane and not yield semantics, 'lo he hath behold the bane of the arenae in thou stead!

Would be cool if it was this particular


I have another one here:

Today we had a brainstorming session, identifying problems young adults run into when renting their first place. This was for the other game I'm involved: a serious game which will allow them to fall flat on their face within a controlled environment and learn by doing, basically.

Now the age difference between us (a group of students) and them, a social worker, a policeman, a huissier de justice (bailiff but without governmental powers) and several people from Social Housing organizations was at least 20 years.
But worse of all... they were not designers!
Nor did they even have any clue about game development in general.


Now this might seem like it would incredibly annoying, but everyone just went in there with an open mind (as you should, but more on that later).
It was awesome. Even though we led the brainstorm and had a couple of points lined out which we wanted input on, we let everything figure out itself.

Granted, we nearly ran out of time, but the input was so huge I was practically whiteboarding gameplay mechanics as it went on. Mental stimuli went through the roof!
Think we left with... 7 in total (photos of, mind you), containing incredibly valuable information that was practically ready to be implemented.

So... yes, awesome.

Two conclusions:

Any input can be incredibly valuable, even coming from non developers.


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