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Default What is the writing process like for you?

I'm really curious because it seems like there are so many people on here writing novels or short stories.

I mean, do you just start writing? Do you Brainstorm and make a chart or something? Do you write everything in order? Do you edit it as you go?

Just give any detail. (:

I used to write in middle school but I've lost it as a hobby. I wish I could just pick up again.
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Before I went to university I used to do a lot of writing. How I planning things out really depended on why I was writing and how I felt at the time. It can be a lot of fun just writing for the fun of it and coming up with some wonderfully absurd stories. Other times, when I wanted to make a point or write a sensible story, I would think about it, brainstorm it, write, rewrite, rewrite again, and repeat.
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When I write I usually have the whole or most of the story in my head before I even begin. I don't bother with charts and all that other stuff. I start from the beginning and go on from there. With my first novel I edited here and there as I went along and did major stuff after I was finished the book for the first time.

The writing process is long and difficult. It can be tough to write at times as majority of the time it will depend on your mood, but you just have to keep on trucking and get out of that lazy mood.
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Default That reminds me

Originally Posted by Platypus View Post
The writing process is long and difficult. It can be tough to write at times
Yeah, tell me about it. This past week, I read a brief article in the back of the Delta Airlines magazine. The "Last Laugh //" article was entitled "Writing, a Romance" -- Author Libba Bray thinks writing a novel is a lot like falling in love. How So?... she goes on to compare the act of novel writing to a romantic relationship. Hilarious and apropos.
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Miss Galvin
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It depends: when I write for the website I'm at, I can be inspired or not motivated. Last piece I wrote was about the 3DS and I thought that maybe I went too much technical, but then I reread it and I thought it was fine.

Now, about writing fiction... Virginia Wolf wrote that one should have their own place/room, and I totally agree with her. Something what helps me is creating "soundtracks" for each of my writings. For example, I can say that the OST of one book I've been writing
is Within Temptation's "Enter" and "Mother Earth".

And reading, also.

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