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Default New to Game Development, help?

Basically, I'm a 24 year old sketch artist who's working towards a Bachelor's in Visual Communications. For awhile I was planning on graphic design then later advertising and eventually a creative director in the fashion industry. But, it's been eating at me for awhile if I'd be happy doing that, and I thought how I've been a gamer since I could first pick up a controller. And my artwork has always been concept work. So I've decided to switch around and go with what feels more right for me. I have knowledge of the gaming industry, but my main problem is that I know little of game development. I've been researching and reading up on it for the past 2 months, but there's a lot I need advice on. For one, should I switch schools and go into a school with degrees in gaming? Or should I stick with my current degree and just work outside of it on my portfolio? I basically want to enter the industry as a concept artist, but eventually become an art director. And I've read up on how to create a portfolio, but I have no experience using any 3D software, and photoshop I'm alright in, but definitely not mastered. So what would be a good way to start delving into the more digital means of creating work? Also, I've considered creating a website as my portfolio, including all the creative processes of all the work I do, is that a good idea?

Please, any advice would be helpful.
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