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Hybrid Dynamic Structures For Game Music Composers

Video game composer Winifred Phillips discusses the ways in which musical layering accommodates and amplifies shifts in level design in Sackboy: A Big Adventure.

How To Remove The Frustration Of Reading In Games

Jack Yarwood speaks with the developers behind 80 Days, Sunless Sea, and Before I Forget to find out how they get players to actually read their text-heavy games.

Rockstar's Quest For The Ultimate Video Game Horse

Tommy Thompson explains how Rockstar optimized Red Dead Redemption 2's world and terrain in its efforts to create realistic video game horses.

Audio Middleware And Its Importance To Game Developers

Composers Guy Jones and Kent Carter interview Supergiant Games audio director Darren Korb about his experience with audio middleware.

Rational Design, Part 1: The Player

Alexis Jolis Desautels offers his thoughts on rational design as it applies to players, exploring how developers can best address their needs.

12 Principles For Game Animation

Christopher Totten explains how game animation can be both artistically interesting and functional within the constraints of game engines.

What Dead By Daylight Brings To (And Fails) Horror

Josh Bycer discusses Dead by Daylight's design achievements and failures in comparison to other contemporary horror games.

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  • DigiPen Institute of Technology
    As the first school in the world to offer a bachelor's degree in video game development, DigiPen has advanced the digital entertainment industry for more than 30 years by empowering students to become skilled programmers, artists, designers, and more.