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How To Fix Miscommunication Issues Within Your Team

Ryan Sumo outlines some of the miscommunication issues that his team experienced during development, and explains how they were resolved.

A Three-Level Short Story: Level Design In Die Young: Prologue

Die Young lead designer Daniele Mascagna describes the process involved in maintaining a three-act story structure across multiple distinct levels.

What Skills Do You Need To Become A Professional Game Developer?

Dan Reut outlines several possible paths into the games industry, highlighting seven major game development skills students can master.

Detective Game Design: Puzzles Vs. Story

Julian Colbus examines the elements of a good detective game, and explains how his team developed gameplay mechanics that focused on investigation.

A Marketing Strategy For First-Time Developers

Sam Barham discusses the steps he took when marketing and growing a community for his first game as a hobbyist developer.

Video Game Music: A Developer's Guide To Finding the Perfect Track

Kent Carter presents hints and tips for developers seeking the right tone for their project's in-game background music.

From App Development To Games: The Journey To HordeCore

Alessandro Cossidente interviews the developers behind HordeCore, focusing on the team's transition from web development to video game creation.

  • platinum Guildhall at SMU --Plano, TX 
  • Guildhall at SMU
    Southern Methodist University's Guildhall is the premier graduate video game education program in the United States. The program offers a Master's Degree in Interactive Technology and a Graduate Certification.