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  • Ambition And Chaos: A Snowfield Postmortem [09.20.12]
  • img In this in-depth postmortem, game designer Matthew Weise chronicles the development of The Snowfield, an experimental title that explores the power of interactive narratives.
  • Postmortem: Lessons Learned From FIEA's Nexus [05.17.12]
  • img Andrew Bertino, a graduate student at Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy, reflects on Nexus, an ambitious student project that accomplished some impressive feats despite some tough production issues.
  • Postmortem: Dead West [01.03.12]
  • img Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy student Patrick Dietz reflects on the development of Dead West, an ambitious student project that saw more than its fair share of ups and down during development.
  • Postmortem: Scarfell [12.01.11]
  • img University of Central Florida graduate Christopher Darin looks back at Scarfell, a student project with a driven and passionate team, but also a project that saw its fair share of mishaps and challenges along the way.