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  • Student Postmortem: Bloom [10.12.10]
  • img Students from the Futuregames Academy tell the story of developing Bloom, talking of successes and difficulties in creating a "ten minute vertical slice" to present to industry professionals.
  • Student Postmortem: Igneous [09.21.10]
  • img The DigiPen student team behind Igneous takes a look back at the development of a game which was created with the mentality "win the IGF student showcase."
  • Postmortem: Orange Curtain Games' Elements of War [07.27.10]
  • img Orange Curtain games details the development of its first project, Elements of War, which saw the team use the Unreal Development Kit to try and create the "Gears of War of Tower Defense".
  • Student Postmortem: Runesinger [05.06.10]
  • img USC student and Nexon employee Ethan Kennerly takes an original approach to teaching language in games with his thesis project, Runesinger.
  • Student Postmortem: Master Mine [04.27.10]
  • img Art Institute of Pittsburgh student Joseph DiFrancisco walks GameCareerGuide readers through the development of a classroom project, Master Mine V2.0.
  • Postmortem: Decadence [04.15.10]
  • img In this postmortem to the Source Engine student mod Decadence, students from the University of Skovde explain what went right - and wrong - in creating the 'total conversion' shooter.