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  • Doctoral Thesis: The Rendered Arena [06.07.07]
  • img Axel Stockburger's PhD from the University of the Arts, London centers around a thesis which focuses on the novel spatial paradigms emerging from computer and video games.
  • Master's Thesis: Narration in the Video Game [05.24.07]
  • img Dominic Arsenault, Master of Arts in Film Studies, puts together the foundations of a narratological conception of video games with examples including Super Mario Bros., Metroid Prime, Final Fantasy IV, Ninja Gaiden, and Diablo.
  • Student Thesis: Problems of Game Audio [05.17.07]
  • img The focus of Tapio Liukkonen's research was how to improve computer game audio through co-operation between the producing team and the sound designer.
  • Student Thesis: Gameplay Video Segmentation Method [09.27.06]
  • img Sandra Neubauer, graduate of Stuttgart Media University, describes the 'Gameplay Video Segmentation Method', which uses the video editing program Adobe Premiere for the segmentation and hierarchical organization of gameplay elements