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  • The AI Of DOOM (1993) [06.21.22]
  • img Tommy Thompson examines the genre-defining enemy AI of Id Software's DOOM, explaining how in-game opponents react to the player's presence in a variety of situations.
  • Quick Dev Insights: Building A Community [06.14.22]
  • img James Rowbotham interviews Geometa founder Dan Walters for insight into how player communities played a role in the success of Stormworks and Carrier Command 2.
  • Designing For Difficulty: Readability In ARPGs [06.09.22]
  • img Alex Kubodera examines the techniques that designers use to increase difficulty without sacrificing enemy readability in games like Elden Ring, Sekiro, and Death's Gambit.
  • Storytelling In Games: Time And Space [06.07.22]
  • img Robert Renke explores the concept of spatial change over time in video game narratives, highlighting the challenges designers often face in building their stories.