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  • Results From Game Design Challenge: Location, Location, Location

    - staff

  • Thomas Petzel, Student at Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences, Neighborhood Racing

    Neighborhood Racing is, as the name suggests, a racing game. Moreover it is a multiplayer game. For this game nearby opponents are necessary. Why nearby? Because this game uses the players current location to create the course. To be more specific, it uses the location of all players in this match to create the course.

    The game checks on map services in the web to create the course, once the players grid is full. Appending on the mode of the race, the game uses the material of the map services to create either a round course, a free course, where the players' locations are just waypoints or a hunting like mode, where on player flees from the others. Once one of the other players got him, he will be chased.

    Clearly this game requires several players at the same time in the same city to work. Since this game rearranges the course, when even one player's location changes at the next start of a race, the course will never be the same. Changing challenges guarantied.

    For the time being it is pretty much impossible to design for every city the level design, so the game recognizes streets an fills the building areas more or less randomly with models of buildings. To make the course's appearance more similar to the actual city the game settings would allow the players to define how much of every type of model set will be used to simulate the city. Skyscrapers, terrace houses, industrial areas, green areas or whatever the city/area looks like. If the map material is specific enough, the game can use the information to use the right settings from the start, if the player wants that. If the player wants to see how the NY street layout would look like as a huge green area, the game won't prevent him from doing so.

    map data by google maps


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