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  • Results from Game Design Challenge: No Jumping!

    - Danny Cowan
  •  Super Mario Bros. firmly established a template for the platforming genre upon its release in 1985. In the years that followed, numerous clones and similarly inspired titles followed its example. Though the characters and settings change, many platformers, at their core, feature an agile main character who can run and jump to outwit foes.

    Some of the most memorable platformers have ignored these conventions, however. Capcom's Bionic Commando, for instance, features a main character who cannot jump, forcing players to instead use a tough-to-master grappling hook. The game's unique mechanics required players to adopt unique strategies in order to surmount its challenges, and the result remains one of the Nintendo Entertainment System's most memorable experiences.

    Modern-day developers have also adopted unique approaches to the platforming genre. Subdued Software's Magnetic Joe features magnet-based gameplay mechanics, for example, while Might & Delight's indie hit Pid (though it features jumping in a limited capacity) requires players to manipulate gravity in order to cross gaps and climb to higher ground.

    For Game Career Guide's latest Game Design Challenge, Game Career Guide challenged its readers to create a platformer in which the main character cannot jump. Here are our top picks.

    Best Entries

    Balaji MD, Game Designer at Twist Mobile, Rocket Jike (see page 2)

    Martin Brochu, AI Programmer, You Have No Legs (see page 3)

    Kurtis Thorp, Combustion (see page 4)

    Craig Browne, Ohio University, MagnaLine (see page 5)

    Eduardo Ramírez, Game designer at Green Lava Studios, I Fall in Love (see page 6)

    Daniel Zubiria Izquierdo, Quo's Adventure (see page 7)

    Bernard John (B.J.) Badger, Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy alumnus, Muzzle Velocity (see page 8)


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