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  • Results from Game Design Challenge: Oculus Rift

    - Danny Cowan

  • Samuel Fiunte Matarredona, Localization Tester for Codemasters, The Bright Run

    The Bright Run is an oculus rift race/puzzle experience.

    In the future all transportations methods are computer controlled by onboard programs that get their information from the cloud and obey the central transport IA. That way the government control every single one of its citizen movements.

    The player will be a part of an illegal underground culture of drivers that bond with their uncontrolled cars. You are not a chosen one but just one of the few remaining real drivers and that's why you've been chosen to be the getaway driver in a series of heists.

    The driving gameplay and control mapping are similar to the one of the actual racers (LT accelerate, RT brake, one front button for manual brake etc) but set up in a futuristic environment (visually influenced by the one seen in THX 1138) that gives its name to the game, and with the hook of it being played in Oculus rift (and compatible also with racing wheels and seats), with the camera set to the cockpit view where the player can see everything that goes around him to pick the best way to follow on their getaway run.

    Italian poster for THX 1138 sets the mood and visual style for the game.

    At the press of a button the player will change to an overseeing drone controlled with an "eye-in-the-sky" POV. It gives him the chance to take control of the transport system (with it you can divert traffic to cause jams, accidents, open/close bridges/tunnels and more actions to be unlocked as the game goes on...) to stop your chasers. That adds a "puzzle" layer to the overall driving experience as the player will have to check the city traffic/grid and the data displayed by the drone to choose where to do some modifications. The aerial image would be divided in 4 sectors, every one of those attached to one of the front buttons, once the sector is selected the player will use the stick to select the area he wants to hack in and will enter the hacking options with a press of the trigger button. While the player is in the drone mode an AI driver will take over the actual car trying to maintain the players driving style, but obviously not performing as well, so the puzzle solving is time sensitive. Two players can play co op (the game AI will step up the difficulty). If played off-Oculus the drone could use a second screen (tablet, mobile) so the player will be able to manage both things at once. And a multiplayer option where several players compete to go from A to B selecting their personal route and changing the traffic to stop the rest.

    Example of the drone view (notice the button colours that bind every quadrant to a button). It shows how the blue runaway car will evade the red chasers by making the traffic flow (in yellow) block the main road.

    The in game metropolis is a made up one but it will be composed of actual cities. Getting the aerial images from the likes of Google maps and creating different traffic conditions from the information of Waze to conform the games visual and changing traffic conditions.



    Intelligent Transport Systems:



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