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  • Results from Game Design Challenge: Living the Dream(cast)

    - Danny Cowan

  • Mohd Najman bin Mohd Maliki, Student of Multimedia University, Malaysia, Kuina the Two Sword Samurai

    The game is about a girl who learned the way of the bushido and uses two swords. Kuina's village was attacked and she was the only survivor of the town. Kuina trained hard with her two swords in order to bring the one who brought the attack upon the town to justice. In Kuina's training, an old spirit came to her and taught her how to fight with her inner powers that came along with the sword. The power allows Kuina to call upon the old spirit to help her in fights.

    In order for Kuina to call upon the spirit, she needs to shake on the sword's hilt until there is enough power for the spirits to appear and help Kuina fight. In this game, players will play the role of Kuina and use the Samba de Amigo Maracas and the floor sensors as the two swords that Kuina wield.

    The game starts by telling the story of Kuina and the fate of her town, followed by the story of how she came across the old spirit that taught her how to fight alongside him. In the story telling, the spirit orders Kuina to show him her skills. This is where the players get their first tutorial on how to play the game.

    The game mechanics consist of two fighting style; The Two Sword Style and The Style of The Old Spirit. The first tutorial covers the basic sword fight style that is coordinated via the maracas. The positions of the maracas imitate the position of swords. Players will have to hack and slash enemies using the maracas. Players will have to follow the positions of the maracas as shown on screen to get the most damage. The second part of the tutorial teaches the players on how to fight alongside of the spirits. The spirit resides within the sword and needs to be awaken.

    In order to awaken the spirits, the sword has to be shaken. Players have to shake the maracas in the order and the amount of shakes that is shown on the screen and create charge to summon the spirit. The old spirit releases the spirits power to defeat enemies which deals an area of effect damage. The spirit can't be called upon at any time so timing is very crucial.

    As the game progresses, players will learn new sword moves and new ways to summon the spirit. Harder enemies demand a more complex way of sword fight as well as a more difficult way to summon the spirit. It is up to the player to master all the sword styles and the style of the summons to gain the upper hand over the enemies in order to reach the final boss, thus, winning the game.


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