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  • Results from Game Design Challenge: Living the Dream(cast)

    - Danny Cowan

  • Juan Briganti, Software Developer, Catch It

    "Catch it" is a 2D platform sega dreamcast videogame that uses Dreamcast Fishing Controller. The intention of this game is to present little challenges to the player and make him think.

    In this game you take the role of "The Sneaker", a very skillful thief that wants to steal every worthy item in the world. That's not an easy task, so you have to help him. Through the different levels, you have to make your way to a treasure using the environment and objects you may find. Each level is harder than the previous one and you will gradually face new challenges and enemies.

    The Sneaker has a very special tool that assists him on his missions: "The catcher", an extensible mechanical arm that can catch and pull objects on his way. You can use The Catcher to catch objects, move them, climb platforms, reach new areas, etc. But be careful because there are a lot of guardians and different security systems you have to avoid if you don't want to end in jail.

    Controls and mechanics: fishing controller is only needed.

    Character movement: Use analog pad to walk in any of the 4 directions (up, down, left, and right).

    Throwing "The Catcher": to throw the catcher in the direction The Sneaker is looking, just swing Fishing Controller over your shoulder (just like throwing a fishing pole). The Catcher goes forward in that direction until it reaches an object or a wall. If it reaches an object, you can attract it to you by rotating the reel to your direction.

    Also you can reach objects from above The Sneaker by swinging up the controller. If "The Catcher" reaches the roof or a platform, you can go up by rotating the reel to your direction or go down by rotating it to the other way.

    Swinging: when you are hanging from a platform you can swing The Sneaker and reach new areas. To swing, just move the Fishing Controller right and left several times. Doing this you can jump between distant platforms.

    Jump: press the A button

    Enemies and obstacles: there are several kind of enemies you can encounter, here are some examples:

    Guards: they are constantly patrolling. If they see you, it's the end of the game.

    Motion sensors: sometimes you can see a laser scanning the environment. You can't move when a scanner is scanning The Sneaker or it will trigger an alert.

    Cameras: like guards, but they can see a larger area and can't move.

    There are 3 images that may help you to understand those concepts:



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