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  • Results from Game Design Challenge: Making Maps

    - Danny Cowan

  • Logan Pecukonis, University of Montevallo, House of Regret

    House of Regret starts with the main character, Blake, running from the cops for an unknown reason. While running he stumbles upon a seemingly abandoned house and decides to take refuge. Upon entering the house, he notices that the house is fancy and large and decides to look around to see if there is anything worth nabbing. He quickly discoverers that the house is haunted by very aggressive spirits. Trying to escape, he makes a run for the front door but opens it only to find a completely new room of the house. The point of the game would be to map out each room you entered to try and find the exit to escape the house, while avoiding the ghosts that try to kill you. If by some chance you forget to map out a room before you exit it, the room will be completely different upon re-entry. Doors are also not the only way to get from room to room. There would be secret passages, air vents, and long hallways that players would have to traverse and document. As you explore the haunted, intricate house you would find a number of different treasures and artifacts that would unravel not only the mystery of what happened to the mighty mansion, but Blake's personal dark past. House of Regret would be a mystery/horror game that would require gamers to pay attention to their surroundings and to little details in order to escape the house and lead Blake onto a path of redemption.


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