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  • Results from Game Design Challenge: Making Maps

    - Danny Cowan

  • David Capps, University of Montevallo, The Blind Prophet

    My idea for a game that focuses on map making is something that I call "The Blind Prophet". This game is a standard platformer, with moving platforms, obstacles, and death traps. The difference between this game and normal platformers is the fact that you are only allowed to see the level for ten seconds. Afterwords, the screen turns black. You can help navigate the level by drawing symbols or paths that you remember from earlier to direct you towards the goal.

    There will be different 'inks' to draw on the level. One ink is a basic white line that can be used for anything. From drawing a direct path to the goal or drawing symbols warning you where not to go, the white ink can be used in any situation. Another ink is a yellow color that glows red once your character passes it. Finally, a green ink that turns blue when a moving platform passes it is available at the player's disposal. By using these different inks, the player must be able to draw an interactive map that will lead them to the goal.

    To make things more interesting, you are given a rank depending on how well you cleared the level. The less you draw on the level, the more bonus points you will receive at the end (with the yellow ink deducting the most points, and the white ink deducting the least). If you clear the level quickly or clear it without dying your score goes up as well. In short, the better the map, the less you'll die and the quicker you'll make it to the end. But don't make the map TOO detailed.


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