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  • 125 Things I Learned While Developing Games

    - Steven Honders
  •  First I'll provide some context by introducing myself. I'm a 4th year student/graduate from the HKU in the Netherlands. During my time there I've created several games with the aim to release them. Not all were published, for several reasons.

    The last two years I spent working within my own company (Speelbaars) and we were supported by school on our debut title 'Lumini'. I'm not that good at making constructive stories, so I'll provide you with a handy bullet-list about stuff I've learned over the past few years.

    1) Don't think about making a game, start MAKING a game.

    2) Don't talk about ideas, show ideas (prototype!).

    3) Don't try to do everything by yourself.

    4) Learn something about every part of development (programming, design, art, business).

    5) Trust the people you work with,

    6) But still get your contracts done in time.

    7) Plan ahead, especially for longer projects.

    8) Don't be afraid to ask for help, information or feedback.

    9) Don't be afraid to kill your darlings, omitting is the art of creating.

    10) Learn what a 'minimal viable product' is and means.

    11) Make mistakes and learn from them.

    12) You can't prevent every mistake, you will make them, accept that.

    13) Don't panic; there is always a solution.

    14) Make a game for your audience, not for yourself.

    15) You won't reach your potential by staying in your comfort-zone.

    16) You're competing with thousands of developers for the same spotlight.

    17) Don't let this scare you.

    18) Not everyone will like your game, that doesn't mean it's bad.

    19) There will always be people that will like your game, you just need to find them.

    20) Almost everyone you meet in person will tell you they like your game, even if they don't.

    21) You (probably) won't get rich by making games.

    22) You (probably) won't get famous by making games.

    23) Your games will have an impact on someones life.

    24) Don't let others discourage you.

    25) Be realistic about your future.

    26) You will have to talk to others a lot!

    27) You'll have to do the social media thing.

    28) No matter how much you hate Twitter or Facebook ;-)

    29) Networking is important.

    30) Don't dismiss anyone you talk to as unimportant, everyone has value.

    31) Never be rude to anyone.

    32) NEVER EVER(!) burn bridges.

    33) Money isn't evil, you'll need it.

    34) You don't have to sacrifice creativity or vision for money.

    35) You will struggle with the balance between vision and money.

    36) You're never done learning, about anything.

    37) There will always be people that are better at something.

    38) You'll get jealous, but will have to deal with it.

    39) Never bare a grudge, it's not worth your energy.

    40) Responding to trolls isn't worth your time.


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