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  • Results from Game Design Challenge: Passion for Fashion

    - Danny Cowan

  • Amaury Français, Game Design Student at Bellecour Ecole in France, Falxia: Craftman of Destinies

    Do you love fighting monsters in an epic fantasy universe, gathering allies to fight an evil demon that emerged from hell?

    And do you love giving costumes to your group, giving each individual person a special power and job?

    Well, have you ever wondered who created these costumes?

    This time, it's you.

    Falxia, Craftman of destinies is a 3DS game, for ages 7+, in a 3D world.

    The game is mainly played by using the touchscreen.

    In the universe of Falxia, design the costumes for adventurers passing by. Sometimes, it will be a single man, searching for a way to kill a single monster.

    Sometimes, it will be a band of six heroes, fighting together to destroy evil Gods.

    Your goal is to design the perfect costume for their quest. They come to you, they tell you what they need, and you design the costume.

    The more clients you have, the better materials and patterns you'll have.

    You can even test your own costumes and use them in a minigame to gather special materials for other costumes.

    Or, if it is fashion you're looking for, you can participate in fashion shows,and create the best looking costume on a imposed theme. Each month in-game, there will be a new theme and a new contest.

    Each Costume is designed on 3 parts : Head, Body and Legs.

    For each of this parts, you can choose materials and patterns that you can buy or unlock.

    Each pattern determines the kind of job given by the costume. For example, a helmet pattern is used for designing a Knight, Warrior or Paladin costume.

    Then you can add the materials. Some materials work well together, which gives bonus to stats and access to skills. For example, putting Dragon Scales can give some fiery breath if you put it on the head part.

    After creating the three separate parts of a costume, by putting them together, you can unlock different bonus for the costume:

    • If all costumes depend on the same "pattern family", you have a costume strong in one way of fighting

    • If all costumes depend on different "pattern families", you can either have a "multiclass" costume that is polyvalent, or unlock a new class. Try everything you can! (for example, a paladin is created from a "knight pattern" costume part with a "priest" part.)

    Be careful however not to create costumes that are too expensive. Look at the client budget!

    Then, give the costume to your adventurers, and wait a few days in-game to see how well you did! If you did very well, you'll gain patterns, materials or more money!

    The main goal of the game is to have a growing industry, by going from single clients that want to kill a goblin to huge teams of 10 characters wanting to kill two dragons and a god. The side-quests (mini-game and fashion shows) add more diversity to the game and another way of using patterns and materials.


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