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  • Results from Game Design Challenge: Passion for Fashion

    - Danny Cowan

  • Jonathan Belot, Student at Bellecour School in France, Rise of Designers

    Title : Rise of Designers
    Type: Stealth-action Game
    Support: PC/Console
    ESRB: Everyone 10+
    Target: 10-18


    The way of dressing


    You are Nora, a fashion designer who got her design stolen, help her in her quest to recover them and use your fashion skills to avoid your worst enemy's minions: Max.

    Game flow:

    The game is divided by 3D levels, the player must succeed it if he wants to progress. The game contain a certain number of levels, there are 5 boss and the player must defeat them to finish the game.

    Core Gameplay:

    The player has 4 abilities which help him to progress:

    • A pair of scissors, Nora can use them when she cross an enemy and make him unconscious by refashioning him.
    • A rub tape, Nora is able to neutralize the enemy
    • Quick Dressing, as Snake in MGS, disguise yourself as a Mannequin and hide from your enemies.
    • A Stapler, Nora is able to interact with the environment and it can be used to neutralize an enemy.

    The screen display a "Stealth Bar" that allow the player to know if he's close to get spotted. The more the player is spottable, the more the bar fills up.
    The "Quick Dressing" ability allow you to fill down the bar as long as Nora is disguised in the level, Nora has an objective => Recover a design, there is also secondary objective such as "find this material"
    Nora's suit allow her to have a specific ability like Stealth, extra sensor for materials or increased speed.

    Nora also have the ability to attract an enemy by emitting some noise, allowing her to bypass her enemy.


    • Victory :

    The player succeed the level by recovering the design she looks for

    • Defeat :

    The player is defeated when Nora get spotted


    The enemies are designer apprentice with a pair of scissors as weapon, when they spot Nora, they launch it at her direction, if it hit Nora, she gets hurt for half of her life. The enemies have a patrol, if they spot the player, they will immediately target the player.



    The camera is third person view which allow the player to anticipate the enemy's patrols. Punctually, the camera will get controlled by the game to show the player objectives/interactions.


    Character Style

    Nora is a fashion designer who just discover how to infiltrate, so she's isn't a "professional", her movements will make a lot of noise and punctually she will make some noise by making an object fall down.



    • Play a stealth-action game with an unexpected main character
    • Use uncommon weapon and accessories to help you in your quest.


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