Results from Game Design Challenge: Passion for Fashion

By Danny Cowan [11.24.15]

With vanity shops and clothing customization being big business in many MMOs and mobile games, fashion and attire play a significant role in today's gaming industry. The Sims, Style Savvy and the myriad of dress-up games available on mobile devices are proof of the compelling nature of customizable clothing and costuming within traditional gameplay structures.

For Game Career Guide's latest Game Design Challenge, our readers designed games based around fashion or fashion design. Here are our top entries.

Best Entries

Amaury Français, Game Design Student at Bellecour Ecole in France, Falxia: Craftman of Destinies (see page 2)

Kaylein Sheppard and Natasha Kline, Montgomery College, Black Friday Fighters (see page 3)

Jonathan Belot, Student at Bellecour School in France, Rise of Designers (see page 4)

Fabian Erdmann, Universität Bonn, Inconspicuous Tailoring (see page 5)

Christian Merino Rubio and Brittonni Shedrick, Montgomery College, Preserving Culture (see page 6)

Michael Hilnbrand and Can Nguyen, Montgomery College, CQ: Clothes Quarterly (see page 7)

Thomas Bruno, IT help desk technician, The Creature from Under Space (see page 8)

Amaury Français, Game Design Student at Bellecour Ecole in France, Falxia: Craftman of Destinies

Do you love fighting monsters in an epic fantasy universe, gathering allies to fight an evil demon that emerged from hell?

And do you love giving costumes to your group, giving each individual person a special power and job?

Well, have you ever wondered who created these costumes?

This time, it's you.

Falxia, Craftman of destinies is a 3DS game, for ages 7+, in a 3D world.

The game is mainly played by using the touchscreen.

In the universe of Falxia, design the costumes for adventurers passing by. Sometimes, it will be a single man, searching for a way to kill a single monster.

Sometimes, it will be a band of six heroes, fighting together to destroy evil Gods.

Your goal is to design the perfect costume for their quest. They come to you, they tell you what they need, and you design the costume.

The more clients you have, the better materials and patterns you'll have.

You can even test your own costumes and use them in a minigame to gather special materials for other costumes.

Or, if it is fashion you're looking for, you can participate in fashion shows,and create the best looking costume on a imposed theme. Each month in-game, there will be a new theme and a new contest.

Each Costume is designed on 3 parts : Head, Body and Legs.

For each of this parts, you can choose materials and patterns that you can buy or unlock.

Each pattern determines the kind of job given by the costume. For example, a helmet pattern is used for designing a Knight, Warrior or Paladin costume.

Then you can add the materials. Some materials work well together, which gives bonus to stats and access to skills. For example, putting Dragon Scales can give some fiery breath if you put it on the head part.

After creating the three separate parts of a costume, by putting them together, you can unlock different bonus for the costume:

Be careful however not to create costumes that are too expensive. Look at the client budget!

Then, give the costume to your adventurers, and wait a few days in-game to see how well you did! If you did very well, you'll gain patterns, materials or more money!

The main goal of the game is to have a growing industry, by going from single clients that want to kill a goblin to huge teams of 10 characters wanting to kill two dragons and a god. The side-quests (mini-game and fashion shows) add more diversity to the game and another way of using patterns and materials.

Kaylein Sheppard and Natasha Kline, Montgomery College, Black Friday Fighters

It's Black Friday and tensions are high! Everyone's rampaging across the aisle, pushing and shoving, fighting their way to the best clothing they can find! But, when two pairs of eyes lock on to this beautiful, amazing, trendy dress, they're ready to fight tooth and nail for it! The fight is on! Take control in a ray of fashion fighters and battle your way to the cash register with your prize! Use your purchases to customize your character and become the trendiest fashionista on the block at an AMAZING price! This fighting game is sure to have you on the edge of your seat! You won't want to miss this amazing deal... but, can you handle the rampage?! "

There are a wide variety of characters to choose from, each with their own unique fighting style and goals. Each character has their own story you can play through in story mode. But, before you jump into this adventure, test your skills in practice mode to build on your fighting skills and become stronger. As you fight, you can unlock more customization items like clothes and accessories, representing power-ups that can help you win each match. As you progress, you can also unlock new characters and build your own team of Black Friday fighters; not to mention, more stages to discover as you progress through the game! Challenge your friends in multiplayer mode and wager accessories. Play in versus mode to have a friendly fight with your friends too!

You have a choice of multiple characters like Helen, the angry suburban soccer mom that doesn't take no for an answer, Jessica, the superficial fashionista with the loud mouth and attitude, or the kid twins Amber and Ashley, who lack in size but make up in tag-team power; don't let their cute faces fool you because they are two devious little girls! Don't forget the edgy, emo chick, Jade, who loiters around hot topic, beating down her enemies with her negative attitude and powerful glare. There are so many more characters to choose from but, you'll have to unlock them first! Survive the rampage and come out on top; make the losers bow down before your fashionista greatness! Good luck!

Jonathan Belot, Student at Bellecour School in France, Rise of Designers

Title : Rise of Designers
Type: Stealth-action Game
Support: PC/Console
ESRB: Everyone 10+
Target: 10-18


The way of dressing


You are Nora, a fashion designer who got her design stolen, help her in her quest to recover them and use your fashion skills to avoid your worst enemy's minions: Max.

Game flow:

The game is divided by 3D levels, the player must succeed it if he wants to progress. The game contain a certain number of levels, there are 5 boss and the player must defeat them to finish the game.

Core Gameplay:

The player has 4 abilities which help him to progress:

The screen display a "Stealth Bar" that allow the player to know if he's close to get spotted. The more the player is spottable, the more the bar fills up.
The "Quick Dressing" ability allow you to fill down the bar as long as Nora is disguised in the level, Nora has an objective => Recover a design, there is also secondary objective such as "find this material"
Nora's suit allow her to have a specific ability like Stealth, extra sensor for materials or increased speed.

Nora also have the ability to attract an enemy by emitting some noise, allowing her to bypass her enemy.


The player succeed the level by recovering the design she looks for

The player is defeated when Nora get spotted


The enemies are designer apprentice with a pair of scissors as weapon, when they spot Nora, they launch it at her direction, if it hit Nora, she gets hurt for half of her life. The enemies have a patrol, if they spot the player, they will immediately target the player.



The camera is third person view which allow the player to anticipate the enemy's patrols. Punctually, the camera will get controlled by the game to show the player objectives/interactions.


Character Style

Nora is a fashion designer who just discover how to infiltrate, so she's isn't a "professional", her movements will make a lot of noise and punctually she will make some noise by making an object fall down.



Fabian Erdmann, Universität Bonn, Inconspicuous Tailoring

In Inconspicuous Tailoring you are hired by an espionage corporation, to make clothes for spies.

On every assignment the player gets a set of reference pictures, taken at the place the corporation wants to infiltrate. The player designs an outfit, which has to fit in the given scene as inconspicuously as possible.

The player then watches a short cutscene of the spy on his missions. The less noticeable the spy's outfit is, the more opportunities he has to gather information unobserved, which results in a higher score for the player.

If the spy is too eye-catching he is caught and the player loses his job (Game Over).

The player designs outfits by picking a set of standard pieces (Shirt/Sweater, Shorts/Jeans etc.) and adjusting their parameters (collar type, color, sleeve length etc.) with scroll bars.

With every new assignment the reference pictures have less quality, raising the games difficulty.
The pictures can have image noise, be taken in an unfavorable angle or taken at night. In the last few levels, even a satellite picture or a bad drawing can be the provided hints.

The scenery varies between shopping malls, exclusive parties, the beach and more. Various kinds of dress codes have to be recognized. A specific color is a must have at one place, another time there has to be the correct number of buttons on a shirt.

While the infiltration cutscene is ongoing, characters at the scene give subtle feedback to the player (e.g. "That's a bold color for this occasion."; "What do you think of that guy over there?" - "He looks super uninteresting."), so the player has an advantage on the next try.

Christian Merino Rubio and Brittonni Shedrick, Montgomery College, Preserving Culture

Story Background:

The year is 6059 AD and the world is ending. Even though science and technology has progressed greatly, there is nothing we can do to stop it. Humanity has the technology to transport people to a new planet, however they do not have enough resources to sustain them all. The head of Britney Spears is the leader of the Cultural Preservation Committee (CPC). The purpose of this group is to gather cultural items in order to transport them to the new world.


You make and develop your character who must speak to the Head of Britney Spears, queen of the world. You are in charge of the Fashion Faction of the CPC. Queen Britney tasks you with travelling to different time periods in Earth's history to gather and record information on style and fashion. You have to pay attention to the local culture as you interact with the NPCs. You would pick up clues to see what is fashionable based on what others are wearing and how others react to what you are wearing. There will be quests that test your knowledge of the time period's fashion. For example, when you travel to 18th century France you will be required to present a look to Marie Antoinette. If she deems your look worthy, she will give you her signature couture to take back to Queen Britney. If she does not like what you are presenting, it's the guillotine for you.

Civilizations and Cultures:

Michael Hilnbrand and Can Nguyen, Montgomery College, CQ: Clothes Quarterly

In a world run completely by the very apparel humans wear, there lives a soul by the name of Mr. Sweatpants who is an average pair of sweatpants. CQ: Clothing Quarterly is a company that embodies the essence of what is hip, cool, and fashionable in society. Their primary objective is to ostracize and discard the more "outdated" trends of society to make way for the new and more stylish ones. Mr. Sweatpants begins work in an entry level position for CQ with the hopes of shedding new light on the "outdated" clothing of the world and change the system from within. As a perk for working at CQ, employees are remade with newer, more fashionable, and more stylish material and designs. Players will live through scenes of Mr. Sweatpants' life, facing the difficult decisions he must make and living with the consequences. The game begins on Mr. Sweatpants' first day when he witnesses his boss harassing a young homeless girl and her "outdated" friends. Players can have Mr. Sweatpants either intervene and defend them or to conform to society and join his boss in harassing her. Whatever the player chooses, consequences will be had for both choices, both good and bad.

Players need to determine what kind of life Mr. Sweatpants will lead; will he do CQ's bidding and get promoted even if it means the suffering of others, or will he stick to his beliefs and try to change the company from within? Throughout each scene, there will be occasions in which the player must face difficult decisions and must decide to either work for his own benefit or for what he believes to be morally right. If Mr. Sweatpants makes correct choices in favor of the company, he will eventually get promoted. However, as he gets promoted, the risk of getting fired and losing the relationships he has made within the company will become greater. The player must be sure to make decisions not only in favor of CQ, but ones that Mr. Sweatpants' superiors will want to see. Later in the game, it will be revealed to the player that the materials gained from being promoted, while more fashionable, are progressively getting more fragile and will rip at the slightest mistake made. This is as opposed to the friendships and bonds Mr. Sweatpants can make if he defends the weak who will gladly help patch any tears he may receive. Each essential choice will lead Mr. Sweatpants to a different path and journey. In addition to the event-defining choices, players will make less significant decisions and interact with objects to complete certain tasks presented.

All endings of the game are intended to leave the players with a sense of appreciation for the clothes they have. The game stresses that just because some clothes may be called "unfashionable" and "outdated" does not mean that they are worthless; embrace it.

Thomas Bruno, IT help desk technician, The Creature from Under Space

The Pitch

As an alien resembling a pair of sentient underpants, you crash-land on earth and must use your wits and your psychic clothing powers to manipulate humans sporting the right powers to rescue your crewmates, gather parts to repair your ship, all without being captured and experimented on by designers looking for new fabric types. Luckily, you can use your small size to slip through tiny gaps and holes to infiltrate human locations, or use your psychic powers to attach yourself to humans, temporally shutting down their minds and manipulating their clothes to move them around like puppets.


Market - Indie title for release on home consoles or through PC market places like Steam

Genre - Adventure/Puzzle

Theme - Sci-fi irreverent/goofy comedy

Demographic - 8 years old plus - some crude/risqué humour, but all light hearted and fun, minimal violence (Think Spongebob Squarepants level humour, silly/non-sense comedy with winks to more adult material that only the older players will get)


The world - The gameplay should take place on a number of sandbox levels representing segments of real world cities renowned for their fashion culture. The players will be encourage to explore, collect items, solve puzzles or just mess around in the sandbox.

Stealth - In underwear form, the player must avoid detection by humans, either by staying out of sight, or hiding in plain sight, keeping still to imitate an abandoned piece of underwear. Players can make use of their small size to navigate drains, vent etc but must be wary of cats, dogs and rats looking for a meal or a plaything. Whilst possessing a human, they can navigate the human world more freely, but must be careful not to arouse suspicion by acting out of character. Careful selection of humans wearing the right fashions will allow them into more places. Possessing a builder may get you into the construction site, but will not get you into the fancy boutique or girl's locker room.

Puzzle solving - The aim of the game is to rescue your crewmates (other underwear creatures) and find the parts needed to repair your ship. The puzzles will be a combination of stealth and lateral thinking. Crewmates and items will be hidden in various locations. Players must choose the best humans to possess in order to get inside differing locations, operate mechanisms etc. Preferably levels have multiple solutions

Example puzzle solution - You need to rescue a frozen crewmate from a fancy restaurant freezer:

Possess a fashionable patron to get in

Switch to a waiter to get in the kitchen

Use chef to get the crewmate and thaw it on the stove, then place in back alley to collect later

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